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From UrbanDictionary.com: "A kind of walking or dancing that is like crumping in motion. This term was originally used in "Maniac Magee" but no one knew what it meant then. Its the most gangster you can get without being gangster. Just bend, cross your arms, maybe snap your fingers, and keep walking."
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How do you get a contract with jive records?

My dad has jive records contract and they don't just hand it over you have to make a demo CD with info where they can get in contact with you and send it to them if they like

What is jive speaking?

Sheeeet, man, that honkey mus' be messin' my old lady got to be runnin' col' upsihd down his head! Hey Holm, I can dig it! You know he ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap upon yo

What do you mean by DIP BEAM?

dip beam means that one the front light is not working espicially low light so turn on light then see wich one not working and replace it its too cheep and simple

What is a jive turkey?

Jive turkey was a derogatory slang word in African American  Vernacular English, used to refer to someone who was unreliable,  made empty promises, or who was full of bluste

Jive records phone number?

Jive Records is located in New York City, New York. The phone  number is (212) 727-0016. The address is 137 West 25th Street New  York, New York 10001. Jive Records has seve

What are the slang meanings of dig and jive?

To dig something is to enjoy, like, love or understand something. Jive means to tease or lie to someone. Jive can also mean to dismiss something as false, nonsensical or unimp

What is the meaning of DIP test authorization in terms of Oil business?

In international trade, it's a term popularized by "joker brokers" usually on junk mail forums or fraudulent offers or similar. These joker brokers, in their ignorance, imag

What does it mean if no oil shows on the dip stick of the Cadillac CTS?

The oil is at least a quart low. Usually, the bottom of the dipstick is 1.5 quarts. If you feel comfortable add a quart, let the engine sit (off) for about 10 min. Then rech

What does i dips me lid mean?

It's a Cockney way of saying "I tip my hat" - tipping the hat means polite respect.

What can dip do to you?

Dip, or snuff, can cause mouth, throat, and gum cancer. It can also slowly erode your gum line.

Where did song Java Jive come from?

"I Like Coffee I Like Tea" is a large family of playground rhymes which has been documented as a jump rope rhyme as early as 1869. Like most other children's rhymes, "I Like C