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It means the website the address points to involves education. It is often given to university websites.
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What is a website that ends in edu?

Universities, Colleges, and education sited have these types of sites. After all 'edu' stands for 'education'.

What does edu mean?

.edu is an internet extension (part of a domain name) pertaining to educational institutions. Edu is also a shortened form of 'education.'  

Why should put edu in web address?

  An educational institution will put a .edu to complete their web address to show that they are indeed a non-profit institute organized for educational purposes.

What does edu mean at the end of a website?

at the end of a website .edu mean that the website is an educational website, where the information posted, may be reliable.    Answer 2 .edu = US educational institution
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What is mean edu?

The domain name edu is a sponsored top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Since 2001, new registrants to the domain have been required to be United States