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What does edu mean on the end of a address?

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It means the website the address points to involves education. It is often given to university websites.
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What is the starting and ending address of 2134h?

The question is uncertain, but it is assumed that you are talking about a segment address of 2134H. In this case, the range of possible physical addresses is 21340H to 3133FH.

What does edu mean?

.edu is an internet extension (part of a domain name) pertaining to educational institutions. Edu is also a shortened form of 'education.'  

What does edu mean at the end of a website?

at the end of a website .edu mean that the website is an educational website, where the information posted, may be reliable.    Answer 2 .edu = US educational institution

What is .net as in the ending of a web address?

If you are talking about the ending of an online web address .net means that that website is a network. .com is commmercial, .edu is education, .gov is government, .net is ne