What does ensuite laundry as opposed to insuite laundry mean?

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First, there is not insuite but there are en suite amenities when talking about homes. En suite is French and means connected so when describing laundry on site or on suite you are discussing whether the laundry is actually in the rental area (en suite) or outside the rented area but still on the property (on site)!
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How do you do laundry?

A good rule of thumb if you know nothing about laundry is to wash everything in cold water with color-safe detergent (No bleach!) and hang dry all the clothes -- you can't shrink anything or mess up the colors that way.

What does the term 'laundry shoot' mean in film making?

Unofficially is when a woman in skirt, seated, shows her underwear (or lack of it), accidentally or on propose. It is more a popular term than a film making term. An example is the most famous scene in "Basic Instincts" (1992).

What is a laundry chute?

Laundry Chute (By Machiavelli) . A laundry chute is a metal shaft down a multi-storey building which usually has an opening on each floor and ends in the basement. It is similar to a garbage chute in that it takes the thing it is named after and delivers it to an appropriate location. A laundry c (MORE)

What is in laundry detergent?

Laundry detergent is made of proteins, enzymes to remove dirt andgrime, color enhancers, brightener chemicals and oxygen and borax.There may also be soap and various water softeners such as sodiumbicarbonate.

What is laundry detergent?

A laudry detergent is used to wash clothes. It may come in two forms liquid and powder. A liquid detergent is more effective and expensive than the powder one since it disolve quickly in water.

How do you fold laundry?

For shirts you cross over the arms, the fold them vertically twice. For pants you fold the across horizontally then fold them in half vertically.

What does ensuite mean?

A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom is often called an en-suite bathroom. Its use is primarily intended for the occupants of that bedroom only. In French the term " en-suite " literally means "a following", in this case referring to the bathroom being part of the bedroom to which it is at (MORE)

What does bleach do for laundry?

Bleach whitens or removes colors by breaking down the bonds of the molecules that absorb visible light. To some extent it also disinfects and sterilizes. It is highly toxic and should only be used in a diluted and measured amount for white items that you are washing.

What rhymes with laundry?

Quandary (depending on how you pronounce it!) This is one of those words with very few words that rhyme with them (like orange).

What is laundry borax?

Laundry borax to quote the popular brand advertised with mules is ".... Borax is comprised of 99.5% pure borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water. (The scientific name for borax is sodium tetraborate decahydrate. ) The remaining 0.5% is composed of trace m (MORE)

What is laundry?

it is the process where the dirty clothes washed and cleaned Spelled 'laundry', it refers to clothing that needs to be washed.

What is Chinese laundry?

One definition is Chinese Laundry sells clothing and accessories, like bags, shoes, belts, tights, pants, sunglasses and a few other accessories. The prices are pretty reasonable--everything looks to be under $100.00 each. Chinese Laundry is stunning and fashionable enough to compete with the top (MORE)

What is laundry department?

A laundry department is where the washing gets done in hotels such as the bed linen and if guests would like to have their clothes washed, ironed or just pressed

How much will it cost to do laundry in a laundry mat?

50lbs of laundry costs us $40 dollars for THEM to do it for us (they also provide soap free of charge). 50lbs of laundry used to cost us about $20 dollars for US to wash and dry it at the laundry mat (not including price of soap).. Notes : we live in NYC. 50lbs is 3 people for about 7 to 10 days. (MORE)

What is laundry booster?

It is the same thing with the washing machine powder !! fact: they invented washing machine powder just to your money it is all lies....

Can you get hpv from laundry?

HPV is passed on through genital contact-most often during vaginal and anal sex. HPV may also be passed on during oral sex. Since HPV usually causes no symptoms, most men and women can get HPV-and pass it on-without realizing it. People can have HPV even if years have passed since they had sex. Even (MORE)

What is a laundry mat?

In the south, a Laundromat is sometimes referred to as a "Laundry Mat." Depends on how many generations have been saying it that way, and depends on how strong your accent!

What do you mean by laundry?

laundry means washing (dirty/used cloths). say if you say "im going to do the laundry" your going to do the washing/ your going to wash the clothes.

What is the difference between HE laundry detergents and regular laundry detergent?

HE laundry detergents are High Efficiency detergents. They aredesigned to make fewer suds than regular detergents and to work inclothes washers that use less water. Regular laundry detergents create a higher amount of soap suds andneed more water to rinse the detergent out of the clothes beingwashe (MORE)

What is laundry attendant?

A Laundry Attendant is the person responsible for washing, dryingand ironing dirty clothing and linen belonging to customers. ALaundry Attendant may work in a launderette, dry cleaners, hospitalor hotel.

What is the plural of laundry?

The plural of laundry is laundries. But only for the plural of laundry as a business or service (e.g. coin laundries). Laundry (clothes to be washed) is an uncountable noun.

Do dogs do laundry?

Yes some dogs get special training to help disabled people they also get trained to open fridges, help dressing people and open doors.

Is laundries a plural of laundry?

Yes, but only for the plural of laundry as a business or service (e.g. coin laundries). Laundry (clothes to be washed) is an uncountable noun.

What does a laundry pedestal do?

It's a 10" high stand that your washer/dryer are set on with the purpose of raising the working height of the appliance so the user doesn't have to bend as much to load or unload.

Why does dark laundry come out with white?

The dye in dark clothing comes out regardless of the presences of white clothing. When a dark item is dyed, the manufacturer sets the dye to make sure that it stays on the fabric, but some of the dye doesn't set. When this item is washed, some of that un-set dye may come off and redeposit itself on (MORE)

How to wash laundry in cold water?

I heard a radio program on NPR one day about laundry, and the person said that detergent made specifically for cold water washes are really much better for cold washing, and that aside from really dirty clothes, most of your clothes can be washed in cold water, using that special cold water detergen (MORE)

How do you starch laundry?

There are different ways to starch clothing. You can wash the clothes in warm water with the starch mixed in and then press the clothing while it is wet. This sets the starch in very well and make sure it is even through out the fabric.

What is on-premise laundry?

On-premise laundry means that there is a laundry facility on the property. The term is often found in apartment listings, where it means that there is a washer and dryer available in the building or complex, but not necessarily in the apartment unit. It does not say anything about what it costs to d (MORE)

If there is no running water do you wash your laundry in a laundry tub?

Some laundry tubs do hookup to plumbing supplies, and hand wash-only clothing can be washed this way. However, laundry tubs can also be used if there is no access to running water, by using whatever source of water is available. If water is not clean, some will choose to boil it before using it to w (MORE)

What does it mean when you have a dream of doing someone else's laundry?

What a wonderful dream! Whether or not you know the 'someone else' is not important. We all have aspects of our lives that are personal and private, and aspects of our lives that we might even consider secret. I'm not talking about anything illegal or about secret lives being lived out with multi (MORE)

Where can you get laundry supplies?

"You can get laundry supplies pretty much anywhere. Dollar tree, dollar general, walmart, target, kmart, food lion, kroger, family dollar, I suggest Walmart, they have the best prices."

What is laundry bag?

A laundry bag is a large bag, usually made of cloth or sometimes plastic, for collecting and carrying dirty clothes to be taken to a laundry room, a laundromat, or a clothes launderer.

Is laundry an adjective?

no it isn't a adjective it s what you a re doing and because laundry is movement because you are putting the in the washing machine or the dryer

Is laundry a noun?

Yes, the word 'laundry' is a noun, a common, concrete noun; an uncountable noun for clothes and linens that need to be washed or that have been washed; a countable noun for a place where laundering is done.

What is express laundry and normal laundry?

In the express laundry, laundry service provider deliver service ininstant manner or as per your desired date and time but in the caseof normal laundry, laundry service provider take usual time thatlaundromat describe in their service table.

What is laundry basket?

A laundry basket is a container, usually a basket, for holdingdirty laundry. See related link below for pictures of laundry baskets

What do you do if your allergic to laundry?

It depends on what you are actually allergic to? It is often thewashing powder that can cause problems. Try changing your powderand see if that makes a difference. A liquid, rather than a powder,may make a difference, too.