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What does es cierto means in English?

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Es cierto = That's for sure
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What does kien es ese mean in English?

  it means "Who is that?"   The first word is "Quién", not "Kien" and it means "who".   The second word is "es" which comes from the word "ser" which means "to be".

What does 'tu es' mean in English?

The phrase 'tu es' means you are . In the word-by-word translation, the personal pronoun 'tu' means 'you'. And the verb 'es' means '[you] are'.

What does Quien es mean in English?

This phrase means "Who is it?" Quién means 'who.' Es means 'is.'  The 'it' in the translation is implied.

What does es canoso mean in English?

it is used to describe someone with grey hair.   Canoso - male  Canosa - female  Canosos - a group of grey haired people  Canosas - a group of grey haired women

What does 'Es-tu' mean in English?

It means: Are you? There is actually supposed to be question mark after that phrase, you can only use it in a question form. - Es-tu un membre d'equipe? (Are you a member of