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In the UK fanny means a woman's vagina.
In the US it means a person's rear end, or a beautiful name for a girl. (Fannee or Fannie)
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What is a fanny?

A fanny is a person's buttocks. Buttocks ("butt") or fanny includesboth cheeks, thus, every person has one fanny.

What is the origin of fannie in Fannie Mae?

The term "Fannie Mae" comes from the abbreviation for the true name of Fannie Mae--the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA). FNMA is a government-sponsored entity. For

The greek name fannie means?

Fannie is usually a short form of Theofania (meaning "God appearing") and Stefania (meaning "crown.")

What does the name Fannie mean?

Fanny is the American shortened version of Francis. It is female.

What is the meaning of john keats' to fanny?

Fanny Browne was a girl whom John Keats loved so dearly. He wrote  several address to her in his poems and in his various letters.

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When was Fanny born?

Fanny was born on September 16, 1979.
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Where is a persons fanny?

fanny is a young girl 17 she has black her curly long and very sweet.everyone loves her her real name is Fanny cruz she's from california.she live in indiana.Fanny is a very p

What does poking your nose up someone's fanny mean?

I've not heard that exact phrase, but "poking your nose" is usually  a term for being overly curious when you're not required to be.  It's as if your nose is seen sticking o