What does fostering mean?

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when you take in a child who needs a place to live away from their parents so they live with people who are fulled trained foster carers who act like your mum and dad.

there are six catigories of foster care
1emergancy - a child needs to stay somewhere for a couple of nights
2short term- a child needs to stay for a few weeks or months until their care plan is arranged
3short breaks- children with a disability or special needs go to stay with another family so their own family can have a break
4remand- when young children are remanded by a court to the care of a specially trained foster carer
5long term- when a child lives with foster carers until they are adults and usually when a child lives in long term placements it is because they dont want be adopted but they need to be away from their birth family for what ever reason.
6 kinship-when a child who is the responsibility of the local authority goes to live with someone they know e.g sister, grandparents etc.
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