What does he wants his bread buttered on both sides mean?

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It means that someone wants two mutually exclusive things.

Like wanting to go to two parties at the same time in different cities.
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What is bread that has been browned on both sides?

Bread that has fallen in a poopy toilet. This is a complicated process since it can only take a real idiot to accomplish. But modern day scientists have already come up with a
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What does the phrase butter your bread mean?

You normally hear this saying as "Don't forget where your bread is buttered." Which means dont forget how you earn a living. If you quit your job, how will you make money to b
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What does Jimmy mean when he tells Bud that the horn is his bread and butter?

The "horn" usually refers to the Trumpet of cornet. In the US itsthe trumpet. The phrase "someone bread and butting" which is ofcourse food. Means to make a living to eat. The