What does it mean to be canonized?

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It is the final stage of being declared a saint. The Church has conducted intensive investigations and determined that the person is, indeed, in heaven and worthy of veneration as a saint.

What is the title Canon for a priest mean?

Answer . A Canon is a member of a Cathedral Chapter. The Chapter is the body of Priests who assist the Dean in the running of a Cathedral they also nominate candidates to f

What does canon mean?

There are several definitions for 'canon'. However, since the category for the question is 'Dance', perhaps the most appropriate answer would be the definition related to musi

What is the meaning of literary canon?

Canon means rule. A list of books that are considered important is a guide or rule for reading. So a literary canon is a suggested reading list.

What does canonized means?

Canonization (or, canonisation) is the act by which a particular Christian church declares a deceased person to be a saint

What is the meaning of the term canonization?

Canonization is the declaration by the Pope that a deceased person is raised to the full honors of the altar, i.e., a saint after previously having been beatified. Two miracle

What is the meaning of dance word canon?

The word cannon in dance means to do a dance or a movement of dance one at a time. For example if the movement was to twirl and then clap and you had three people in the group

What is the meaning of canonized?

To be canonized means that the person has been thoroughly investigated by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints and found to be worthy of the title of saint. Of cou

What does the term Biblical Canon mean?

The term Biblical Canon refers to the various books that are accepted as books of Holy Scripture. Different religions have their own lists of sacred books. Protestants and Je

What does Canon mean referring to the Bible?

standard , those books that are accepted by the church as genuine. . The term Canon originally meant measuring rule, hence standard. In Theology its chief application is to

What does Canon mean in religion?

I am a "Canon" - so I should be able to answer the question! Actually, the word "canon" means "rule" - so a "canon" is someone who lives under a "rule". Originally cathedral
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What exactly does canon accessories mean?

Canon accessories pertains to all the extra/vital components to Canon products. Cords for printers, camera batteries, etc., are all considered accessories.
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What does canon mean dance?

In dance, the word canon means a group of people doing the same sequence starting one after the other.
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What does tu es canon mean?

"Tu es canon" is a familiar sentence used to express admiration in front of someone, most probably a girl, very beautiful. The expression is really casual and would mean "you'
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What does being a Canon in Religion mean?

A canon is a member of the clergy who is part of the staff of a large religious institution. To canonize someone is to declare that upon examination, s/he is above reproach