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What does it mean when a massage parlor in NYC offers a 'happy ending'?

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A 'happy ending' massage refers to a massage that culminates in some form of sexual activity, such as manual stimulation (slang term: 'hand-job') until the client has an orgasm. This is considered a type of prostitution.

This practice is illegal everywhere in the US where prostitution is illegal, which is almost everywhere. 'Massage parlor' is the term used for massage businesses that tend to be just a cover for the age old business of exchanging sex for money; prostitution.

It is illegal, but not uncommon.

Which is kinda dumb for them to make that illegal but drinking booze all night.
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How do you ask for a happy ending to a massage?

"Could I get a happy ending?" "How much for a happy ending?" "Could I get a little more?" hahaThe first time is the hardest lolBefore asking you want to make sure (or be sure

Are happy ending massage legal?

No. It's illegal but nearly impossible to enforce. The loophole is that customers pay for the "massage" and the "happy ending" comes independently and is merely sex between c

Are there happy endings massage in orlando?

Um, yeah! An LMT friend of mine says Orlando is "the fu**ing hand  job capitol of Florida!" And, she gives an awesome ending to a  wonderfully therapeutic massage herself. M