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What does it mean when nature is out of balance?

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It means that an animal's population is lowered.
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How can you maintain the balance in nature?

we human needs the nature it self because it gives air to breath,water to drink and a clean environment that we ca live.Saving the nature is our mission and we should start it

What are man's role in balancing nature?

Man has a significant role in balancing nature. The various  activities that humans engage in like cultivation, fishing,  creating artificial water bodies and so on will pro

What is the balance in nature?

Balance in nature is the right amount of organism,either its living or none-living,in the nature or ecosystem,it should be observed to prevent the rapid growth or the overlapi

What does the balance of nature hypothesis mean?

Of the balance of nature hypothesis indicates that the ecosystem is  not balanced. This means that the organisms present are not well  distributed to create an accurate bala
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How does sunlight change the balance of nature?

The air above us is relatively transparent to visible radiation, allowing the bulk of the Sun's energy to reach the Earth's lower atmosphere and surface. Fortunately, the atmo

What is mean by balance in nature?

while that is a complex question it has a very simple answer the answer is that for every three bears that are in the woods you need to have 3 cockatues in your bathtub and 17