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What does it mean when nature is out of balance?

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It means that an animal's population is lowered.
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How do plants maintain the balance of nature?

plants produce oxygen by getting carbon dioxide from the air, by this process called photosynthesis. but now almost one-fourth of the forest are transform into subdivision

Why is there a need to understand the balance of nature?

The balance of nature is the theory that ecological systems resist change. They may exist chaotically or in a relatively stable state (homeostasis). Humans are part of that sy

Who is responsible for maintaining the balance of nature?

Every living thing, from the frailest insect to the mightiest tree, from the smallest minnow to the largest whale. However, we humans have the power to completely destroy the

How are humans disturbing the balance of the nature?

  Humans move animals and plants to new locations where the newcomers disturb the eco-system.   Humans dig up minirals and petroleum and convert them into energy and fo

What is the balance in nature?

Balance in nature is the right amount of organism,either its living or none-living,in the nature or ecosystem,it should be observed to prevent the rapid growth or the overlapi

How do you maintain the balance in nature?

segregate your garbage   avoid illegal logging..... (to prevent landslide)   do not use dynamite in fishing   do not use cigarettes.... (to care the ozone layer) 

What is the importance of forest in the balance of nature?

The forest play a vital role in the balance of nature.it consist mainly of trees that protect the soil from erosion and aid in the water cycle.trees help in the transport of s

How do you restore the balance of nature in our ecosystem?

1;it is possible to restore the balance in nature but it will take a long term of hard work throughout the whole world as it is a Global issue and a practical step to do so is
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How can nature balance itself?

Assume nature is now balanced for example. The plant world can support so many people and animals who consume these plants. Plants reproduce at a certain rate and so do people