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What does it mean when your battery is white on your iPod touch?

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Ok. So, first of all, if your IPod battery is totally white, it means that your battery is full. If your IPod battery has it partially white, then it means that you have more than 20% of your battery remaining. If it is red, it means that you have 20% or less.
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IPod Touch battery?

The battery on iPod Touch is outstanding for an 8.5 millimeter gadget. You can get it replaced but you need to bring it to the Apple Store to do that. I really have no problem

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6 hours - (playing video or using wi-fi) 36 hours - playing only music This is what is advertised. In reality, it might be lesser depending on screen brightness, mail re

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to save your battery go to settings then turn down the light put dot into the middle you will adjust to it it does make a difference also plug it in whilie you sleep and try n

Why is your iPod Touch battery short?

your ipod battery will get shorter if you charge it when it is not dead the more you charge it when you can still play on it the more shorter it will get