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Words with multiple meanings would be ones that have more than one definition.
Some examples:
  • Bear: could be a grizzly bear, or it could be bearing up your burdens.
  • Den: could be a place where animals live, or could be a place in your house.
  • Copper: could be a metal, or slang for a police officer
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What does common multiple mean?

All nonzero numbers have multiples. Some numbers have some of the same multiples as other numbers. These are known as common multiples. 12 is a multiple of 3. 12 is a multiple

What is a multiple meaning word?

  A word that can have more than one meaning. For example, the word "rate" can mean the cost per unit charge for a product or service. It can also mean mean to make a judg

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it is when you distribute a number by the numbers inside of the (). Such as 9 (6*7) It would be 54*63. Hope this helps! :) * * * * * I hope it does not because it is so very

What is the definition of multiple meaning words?

The term "multiple meaning words" is loosely applied to written words that can have more than one use or definition, and the intended use must be conveyed by the context, the

Words with multiple meaning?

we normally say 6 is a multiple of 2 and 3 which means by multiplying 2 and 3 we can get 6 or 10 is a multiple of 2 and 5 which in result gives 10 thats what multiple mean.

What are the six meanings of the word multiple?

having or involving several parts, elements, or members: multiple  occupancy | a multiple birth.   • numerous and often varied: words with multiple meanings.   •