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Words with multiple meanings would be ones that have more than one definition.
Some examples:
  • Bear: could be a grizzly bear, or it could be bearing up your burdens.
  • Den: could be a place where animals live, or could be a place in your house.
  • Copper: could be a metal, or slang for a police officer
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What does the word multiples mean in math?

The multiples of a number are any numbers that can divide evenly by that original number. They are called multiples because you can multiply the original number to arrive at t

Is hustle a multiple meaning word?

Yes, I can think of three meanings for the word hustle. It can refer to hurrying, moving quickly. It can refer to defrauding someone. And there is also a dance called the Hust

Words that have multiple meanings?

Some words having multiple meanings are: 1) Boot: Examples: I will boot my computer, or, 2) I will wear my favorite black boots. 3) Did you perform a spell check on your book?

Is blue a multiple meaning word?

Yes, there are many definitions for the word blue: a colour, depressed, vulgar, the sea, disappointed. These are some examples of the various definitions.

What is the meaning of the word multiples?

Answer   X is a multiple of Y means that X=c*Y, where c is a number. This also implies that Y is a multiple of X: Y=(1/c)*X.   Or, to put it more simply:   If you m

What are some words in spanish that have multiple meanings?

ser and estar- both mean to be Words with multiple meanings in spanish are called (PALABRAS POLISEMICAS). Ser and Estar are verbs and you can't use them in the same context.

5 words that have multiple meanings?

Unless otherwise noted, all of the meanings are nouns. Balance: a set of scales, the act of maintaining position or keeping steady, the remaining figure after accounts have

What is one multiple meaning word?

A good example of a word with multiple meanings is the word bill. It can mean the beak of a bird, a statute in draft before it comes a law, a piece of paper money or a stateme

What is a multiple meaning word?

  A word that can have more than one meaning. For example, the word "rate" can mean the cost per unit charge for a product or service. It can also mean mean to make a judg

5 words that have multiple meanings In Tagalog?

bagay - something bagay - suited for each other bukas - tomorrow bukas - open buhay - alive buhay - life tayo - us tayo - stand basa - read basa - wet https://sites.google.com
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What do you call a word that has multiple meanings?

Double Entendre - 1. a double meaning.2. a word or expression used in a given context so that it can be understood in two ways, especially when one meaning is risqué. Pun -
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What is the definition of multiple meaning words?

The term "multiple meaning words" is loosely applied to written words that can have more than one use or definition, and the intended use must be conveyed by the context, the