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Words with multiple meanings would be ones that have more than one definition.
Some examples:
  • Bear: could be a grizzly bear, or it could be bearing up your burdens.
  • Den: could be a place where animals live, or could be a place in your house.
  • Copper: could be a metal, or slang for a police officer
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What is a multiple meaning word?

A word that can have more than one meaning. For example, the word "rate" can mean the cost per unit charge for a product or service. It can also mean mean to make a judgment o

What is the definition of multiple meaning words?

The term "multiple meaning words" is loosely applied to written words that can have more than one use or definition, and the intended use must be conveyed by the context , th

Example for multiple meaning word?

fly is such a word - means the zipper in your pantsor an insect that flits around the house.

What words have multiple meanings?

lots of words have multiple meanings. some common ones are honey, key, love, share, and read.

What are a list of words that have multiple meanings?

This was taken from the question; '5 words that have multiple meanings?' Unless otherwise noted, all of the meanings are nouns. Balance: a set of scales, the act of mainta

What does the word associative of multiplication mean?

The associative property of multiplication states that for any three numbers a, b and c, (a * b) * c = a * (b * c) and so we can write either as a * b * c without ambiguity

100 words with multiple meaning?

here are some multiple meaning words.Pen ,yard,stories,bee,play,blue,right,pool,flick,cool,there are much more. but my hands are getting tired.do you think you can help me out

What is one multiple meaning word?

A good example of a word with multiple meanings is the word bill. It can mean the beak of a bird, a statute in draft before it comes a law, a piece of paper money or a stateme

What is an example of a multiple-meaning word?

1. Will you show me how to bake a pie? 2. I want to show you my new toy. 3. I went to the show with dad. 4. My favorite television show is on tonight.

What are the six meanings of the word multiple?

having or involving several parts, elements, or members: multipleoccupancy | a multiple birth. • numerous and often varied: words with multiple meanings. • (of a dis