What does naka mean?

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"naka" has a few meanings.
It can mean "relation"/"relationship", but it can also mean "inside"/"among"/"middle" and "during" :) An example would be "kare WA jibun noo kin o zenbu hako no nakani ire ta" which would be "He put all his money in the box."
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What does naka mean in Japanese?

Depends on where it is used. 中 /na ka/ can mean 'in, inside, in the middle of' (the same kanji has other readings like 'chuu' or 'uchi' which can mean 'in the midst of, w

Who is Naka Hatake?

Naka Hatake is the real name of Natsuki Takaya. Natsuki Takaya is famous for her manga Fruits Basket.

What does naka-ku mean?

One common interpretation is " central district or section ". 中区 is the kanji, consisting of the kanji for 'middle, inside' and the one for 'district, ward'. It's

What does naka mean in thai?

A Thai girl told me that naka is a term of endearment ka being the Thai word for sir or mam na being a kind word preceding it almost like she is saying sweetheart.

What can one purchase from a Naka store?

The Naka store is an Indian boutique store. It sells women's and men's accessories, t-shirts, jewlery, things for the baby and the toddler and condiments.