What does natural faceted gemstone mean?

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faceted means natural
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What does faceted mean?

Answer 1 . Until an expert can improve this answer, I submit the following layman's opinion.. Regarding gemstones, it means having many non-paralell surfaces cut or ground

What is the meaning of the gemstone JADE?

In ancient China, jade was a symbol of nobility and royalty. Inspirituality jade is also believed to be a link between the nonphysical world and a connection to the spiritual

What does Type II mean in gemstones?

The term "Type II" when referring to gemstones indicates thequality. Type II gemstones have a little less clarity than Type Ibut it only slightly detracts from the beauty of a

What is the meaning of multi-faceted?

This is a neat word. It refers to a diamond have many cuts (sides) in it. So, when a person has lots of things going on in his life we can say he is multi-faceted. He might be

How are natural gemstones created in the laboratory?

Natural gemstones are not created in the laboratory. Gemstones created in the lab are referred to as synthetic.

What does a unheated gemstone mean?

Gems are heat treated to enhance their colour. Some clear gems like topaz turn blue when heated. While others like citrine become more transparent. If a stone is unheated it i
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Is topaz a natural gemstone that comes from nature?

Topaz is a natural gemstone that comes from nature. It is usually found near igneous rocks, mostly near volcanoes. Though that isn't the only place that one can find it, topaz
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How are facets cut into gemstones for jewelry?

Gemstones are given facets through the use of a facet cutter. These special machines grind onto the gemstone repeatedly to carve it into various shapes. The purpose of facets
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What are some natural gemstones?

Natural gemstones start life as a rock or mineral which is then cut and polished to discover the beautiful coloured 'gem' inside. These natural gemstones are then usually made