What does one million dollars look like?

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If you are talking stack of $100 bills then each stack is $10,000 and you would have 100 stacks. Each $100 stack would be about 4x6x1/2 inches and weight about 3.5 ounces. So 100 $10,000 stacks would weight about 22 pounds also it would have a volume of about 1 cubic foot.
So you could definitely stuff it into a medium size suitcase or a large duffel bag or even a book bag. If necessary.
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What does a million dollar bill look like?

There is no such note that has ever been issued for the US. A number of companies sell novelty items that look like "million dollar" bills but these are intended as jokes. The

What does one million pounds look like?

If you put £20 notes into stacks three notes wide, by four notes deep, then you'd have a block of bank notes over 45cm high. There are photos of a simulated block of one mi
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What does a million dollars in cash look like?

It depends on the denominations used. If you can find old $10,000bills (that are no longer made), it looks like 100 of them.Otherwise you can imagine a wheelbarrow full of 10,