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What does place mean in geography?

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A particular portion of space
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What does geography mean?

Geography is the study of the Earth, its landforms and features,  and the distribution of life including human life. It also includes  how locations and climate influence hu

What does the word location mean in geography?

Location means where you are. So your location could be a state, a city, or even which building you're in. So in a geographical terms it is where the location of a country is

What is geography place?

"Place" is one of the five themes of geography. Place describes the physical and human characteristics of a location.

What does permeable mean in geography?

The adjective permeable describes something that can be penetrated by liquids, especially water, for example rock or soil.

How do you explain place which is in the five themes of geography?

Place describes what it's like when you get there, there are two types of place, it's human features and physical features. Human features are things that were made by humans