What does pref. stand for in a crossword puzzle?

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stands for prefix
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How do you make a crossword puzzle?

First, choose the words you want to have in your crossword puzzle. They can be related if you want your puzzle to have a certain theme, but it doesn't need one. Then arrange y

What is a crossword puzzle?

Puzzle in which words are filled into a pattern of numbered squares in answer to correspondingly numbered clues and in such a way that words can be read across and down

How do you do crossword puzzles?

To do crossword puzzles you look at the numbered clues. Then you put the answer to the across clue in its numbered space. If you don't know the answer to a clue then look at t

When crossword puzzle says poetic?

When crossword puzzle clues say "poetic," they mean that it's a shortening of a normal word that you don't usually see except in poetry. Examples are twas (as in the Night Bef
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What is better a sudoku puzzle or a crossword puzzle?

a Sudoku puzzle is a test of logic while a crossword puzzle is a test of how like a thesaurus you are or a test of general knowledge. which one if better is a matter of opinio