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verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
1. to know; understand.
3. shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny.
"Savvy" is slang derived from the French word "savoir", which means "to know".

It can be used in many ways, to refer to 'intelligence' or specifically to 'street smarts', as in "Don't worry about him, he'll be alright, he is pretty savvy". Means, he knows what is going on, or catches on quickly, kind of idea.

When it doesn't refer to intelligence, it usually refers to 'understanding'. For example, in his "Pirates of the Caribbean" series movies, Johnny Depp's character "Captain Jack Sparrow" constantly asks 'Savvy?' to people, after he has explained something.
In this context it means, 'do you understand?' or, "Ya know?"
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What is the meaning of savvy?

\n. \n \n. \n \n. \n ANSWER: \n. \nSavvy means understanding.\nExample: The teenagers were well-educated and Media-savvy.\n(Understanding)

What does value savvy mean?

Value savvy means being clever & creative at saving money ~ finding added worth for the price paid.

What does interpersonal savvy mean?

High tides occur twice each day. There is about 12 hours betweeneach high tide as they are based on the lunar day and caused by thegravitational pull of the moon.

What does media savvy mean?

Being "media savvy" for a "personality or entertainer" refers to your familiarity with how the "media" operates. Being media savvy would imply that you are familiar with the

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computer savvy means to be knowledgeble about computer.knowing all parts of the computers and even knowing about all the input,output and storage devices.in simple terms it me

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A dog savvy cat is one that knows dogs and has been around dogs.They get along with dogs well enough that they can live in the samehome together.

What savvy means?

It means familiar with something.

What is the meaning of being computer savvy?

It means you know how to use computers, maybe better than theaverage person. Example: a person who can use a computer in amanner that seems almost natural, and they don't have