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It's an ancient Egyptian symbol for life.
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What is the meaning of the shape of the Ankh?

The sun and its life-giving rays. **************************************************************** The ancient symbol of the Sun is the Hindu Swastica or Fire Wheel. This sym

What the meaning of the cross?

People use the cross as a representation of Jesus dying on one. It is a reminder of Jesus' love for you; that he died so you may be forgiven, and a sign of God's love; for he

What is the Ankh used for?

The ankh is known as the key of life. It is an ancient Egyptian  hieroglyph or symbol for the word "life."

What is per ankh?

"Per ankh" is the modern pronunciation of the hieroglyphs pr 'inkh, which literally means "the house of life". This is the name given to part of most temple complexes, where

What is the meaning for the symbol ankh?

Answer   Eternal life.   Answer   I believe it means simply "life" which could be temporal or eternal.   It is believed that the heiroglyph originated from an

What are ankhs?

A cross with an oval shape on the top is an ankh. - [angk] The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of

What is the story of the Ankh?

Most of the "story of the ankh" is modern invented nonsense that has no connection at all with ancient Egypt. First of all the hieroglyph today called "ankh" did not have th

What is the meaning of the wings on an Ankh?

could imply some relationship with aviation, Air Force chaplain, perhaps? has nothing to do with that. an ankh is a symbol for eternal life. The wings, depending on the wing

What does an ankh symbolize?

Anyone who studies hieroglyphs in detail will find that the sign 'nx (pronounced ankh by modern Egyptologists and scholars) probably represents a sandal-strap: the loop was ma
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What do cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

All addictions work in the same parts of the brain, by modifying or imitating the production of neurotransmitters that cause pleasant feelings. This is as true of shopping add

What does the cross mean?

Answer   According to the Bible, Jesus died on the Cross in order to pay for the sins of humanity.   There are numerous variations of the cross as a christian symbol