What does the Aboriginal word warragul mean?

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Warragul, also spelt warrigal, is the aboriginal word for a wild dog, or the dingo.
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What does the aboriginal word for kangaroo mean?

The word "kangaroo" does not mean anything. It is a complete myth that it translates to "I don't understand your question" or "I don't know what you're saying". The word is

Australia is an Aboriginal word what does it mean?

Australia is not an Aboriginal word (one certainly hopes this is not a school homework question). Australia's name is derived from the Latin phrase terra australis incognit
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What does the word coombabah in aboriginal mean?

There are several theories about the meaning of "coombabah". 1. The most likely is that is means "pocket of land" in the local Kombumerri dialect. 2. Another theory suggests i
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What does the aboriginal word canberry mean?

There are two suggestions as to what the word 'canberry', after which Australia's capital of Canberra was named, means. The first is that it means "meeting place". The firs