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What does the flag of Romania stayed for?

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The flag of Romania has three colors: RED means the blood of the brave warriors who died defending their country, YELLOW means the wheat fields, the riches and the gold of Romania and BLUE means the hope, the peace, the unity and the infinite sky and sea that every Romanian dreamed.

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What does the Romania flag represent?

  The romanian flag was chosen in the revolution of "pasoptism" (which is a abrevation for the year of 1848) and it is represented by the 3 basic colors( red, yellow and b

What does the flag of Romania symbolize?

When the 3 Romanian provinces: Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia were reunited in the 1600s they also brought together the colors of their flags. There is a certain symboli

What do the Romania flags stand for?

Red, yellow and blue were found on late 16th century royal grants  of Michael the Brave, as well as shields and banners. During the  Wallachian uprising of 1821, they were p

Where to stay in Romania?

Not in the big towns. But if you must, then Sibiu or Brasov. If you can, choose some mountain village, in Apuseni Mountains, like Rimetea, Coltesti, Aiud.