What does the government of England do for the people of England?

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The government of England regulates how much money is allocated to each sector e.g.: Transport, Public Sector, Health, Education ect. Decides what rules are put in place to protect children and youths. And overall decides how the country is run.
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What type of government did England used to have?

England was a monarchy until 1688 CE. While it was the monarchystate, parliament's power was limited by the ruler. After theGlorious Revolution of 1688, England became a const

What type of government does England have?

Parliamentary Monarchy. The Queen is the head of state, but thePrime Minister runs the country. . The UK is both a Constitutional Monarchy and a ParliamentaryDemocracy.

Who is Englands government?

Her Majesty's Government is the leadership, under Queen ElizabethII, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. Led by the Prime Minister and the ministers th

Did England have a government in middle ages?

England was monarchic. Under the Anglo Saxons, there were a number of different forms of monarchy and a number of different small kingdoms. These were united by King Canute an

How did the changes in medieval englands government affect ordinary people?

The question is hard to answer as you don't say which specific changes you have in mind. As a general rule ordinary people were in medieval times not much affected by changes