What does the latin word mean mean?

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"Meam" is the feminine accusative singular form of the adjective meus, mea, meum. It means "my".
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What is the Latin word for honor and what does it mean in Latin?

There are actually a few words for honor (that I can find; there's probably more that I haven't come across). Here are some words for honor, and there meanings.. honor, honor

What does the Latin word 'duxit' mean?

This Latin word duxit , a third-person singular perfect active indicative of duco, carries the meaning of he has led, he led, he has guided, he guided. It is a ve

What does latin word gram mean?

There is no Latin word gram, but there are words with gram- as a root borrowed from Greek. Gramma in classical times referred to a unit of weight equal to a 24th of an o

What is the Latin word for jubilant and what does it mean in Latin?

I doubt there is a direct translation for jubilant (see paragraph below for why), but you could say " laetissimus" (pronounced light-iss-im-uss) , the superlative of " Laetu