What does the main fuse control in a 1994 Toyota Celica?

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Main fuse is black and 100 amp fuse is a safety fuse controling all elect part in your car like a house braker. If your in a crash and a short happen this main fuse will pop frist not brune up all elect parts hope this help you
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Where is the pcv valve on 1994 Toyota Celica?

Answer . \nThe PCV valve is located on the top of the valve cover.\n. \nTo test the PCV valve, start the engine, pull the valve out of the \nvalve cover and put your thumb over the hole in the end. If you hear \na little click, then the PCV valve is good. If there is no vacuum at the \nhole, either the valve is bad or the hose is bad.\n. \nTo see if the hose is bad, pull the hose off and put your thumb over \nthe end. If there is vacuum, replace the PCV valve. If not, replace the \nhose. It's important to note that PCV valves are sized for specific engine \napplications. The wrong PCV valve for an application can flow too much \nor too little air causing driveability problems.

What fuse goes to the clock radio in a 1989 Toyota Celica?

Answer . \nthe 7.5 amp fuse that is labeled "charge" is the one that powers the clock, the radio, and the cig. lighter. now...does anyone know how to get power to this fuse if it is still intact but getting no power. everything else (all other fuses) works.

Why might the factory cruise control and stereo not work in a 1994 Toyota Camry XLE if the fuses under the dash are good?

If the 94 Camry is anything like the 92 Camry check the fuses under the hood on the left hand side and check the fuses there that's what i would guess. Answer These problems may be unrelated. The cruise control is often deactivated unintentionally by someone forgetting to connect the cruise control actuator connection. Make sure the connection is tight. It is under the front of the actuator by the radiator, on the inboard side of the battery.

Where are all the different fuse boxes on a 1992 Toyota Celica?

Answer . Four locations, two inside the car (behind each side triangular kick panel, driver's side and front passenger's side, foot level near the internal firewall) plus the two located under the hood (one on each side, a large one near the battery and air intake, plus a small one located toward the front on the other side as well). A Haynes repair Manual will go into more detail, sometimes these can be found at your local library.. Answer . Fuse panels are under the hood and under the dash. Ever thought about getting an owners manual? You need an owners manual for more than just finding the fuse boxes. You need it to know when to do scheduled maintenance on certain items. Sources are Dealer, Salvage Yard, and many on-line sources. Type "automobile owners manual" into a search engine. You will find many sources. You may even find an on-line owners manual. GM has these but not sure about Toyota.. There is a fuse box on the passenger side on the side panel, there is one under the dash on the drivers side wall, and two under the hood one near the battery and the other on the other side of the engine compartment

Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Toyota Celica gt?

Answer . The thermostat should be trapped into the joint of the coolant inlet fitting and the water pump body. This is the large hose fitting just beneath the alternator on 5S-FE engines, others should be similar. Please note that there is a tiny air bleed hole in the thermostat itself, this needs to be located in the 12:00 O'clock position, for air to bleed adequately for until the first thermostat opening. Hope you find this helpful.

How do you replace a head gasket located on a 1994 Toyota Celica?

Answer . \nBig job; get a HAYNES manual $19 at an auto store.. Answer . \nReplacing the head gasket on any vehicle is a long and complicated\nprocess, however if you wish to see basic step-by-step instructions go\nto the related question on the right side of the page\n"How do you replace a head gasket?"

Where is the fuse box for the dash light and tail light of a 1991 Toyota Celica?

Mine is RHD ex Japan. The taillight wiring may be a little different for American models. The fuse box for the rear brake lights is in the drivers footwell, above the outer kick-plate, and under the dash. To see it, kneel outside the car and put your head into the footwell, in front of the seat base. You will need to put the steering wheel at the top position, and the seat fully back. You may need to use a torch or work light. There is enough room to get your arm in with a needle-nose plier to remove the fuses. There is no cover on the fuses, and no labelling. Just check each one to find the one that is blown.

Your 7.5A ignition fuse keeps blowing in my 1990 Toyota celica?

Answer . You have a short to ground or a bad connection that is causing the circuit to "draw" too many amps, causing the fuse to go out.. This will be hard to diagnose. Sometimes the wires in the distributer module area inside the distributer cover will crack with age and allow the spark out to ground. Could be a bad module or igniter module on firewall. Do you have an aftermarket alarm? did they chop into your ignition circuit to add an engine kill? That is often a cause. check your battery clamps first. If there is a crustiness, that will cause a current problem. Always check your battery before all else. 9 out of 10 it originates there.. Good luck. sounds like mechanic time...

Why is a 1994 Toyota Celica hard to start on cold mornings?

I am trying to find out the same answer...I've replaced the battery and it didn't change anything. I took it to a local Auto Parts store where they tested the starter and said it was fine. I've noticed mine started during cold weather, but from time to time has the same problem whether hot or cold. I also just replaced the power steering pump. Good luck! I love my 94 Celica!!

How to replace windshield washer pump on 1994 Toyota Celica?

I've had a look at mine today as I've got the same problem. My model is the '94 GT-Four. I got to my pump (which is offside front, in the wing) by removing 3 of the splash guard screws along the bottom front of the front bumper and 1 of the splash guard screws in the front of the wheel arch. Then the splash guard can be peeled back to reveal the pump. As far as I can see this is 'popped' off, spilling all your washer fluid on the floor!! AND mine is full at the moment...that's why I haven't tackled it yet. I'll wait till I get the new pump!!

How do you remove drum from brakes on a 1994 Toyota Celica?

there should be a little slot on inside of wheel lay on ground under tire you can use flat head screw driver but brake spoon is better because of angle make sure wheel is off ground and spin wheel as you turn star adjuster in side slot if you go wrong way wheel will get tight right way it will get loose star adjuster goes up or down when it spins freely you should be able to pull drum off good luck

Where is the fuse box for 1994 Toyota landcruiser?

There are two fuse box locations, one to the lower left of the steering wheel on the lower left side of the dash, the cover has a small slot for removal by hand. The second is under the hood directly behind the battery compartment.