What does the name gabi mean?

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It is a nickname for the name Gabriel Gabriela, usually a girl's name. For males, the nickname would be Gabe.
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What does gaby mean?

It is a diminuative form of the name Gabriel. The name Gabriel mean "Strong right hand of God." gaby is one of my best friends

What is the meaning of gabi?

it means a great name and means talkative and i love my name because gabi is my nick name my real name is gianna

What does gaby mean in Mexico?

Gaby is the affectionate form of Gabriela, which is the female form of Gabriel. Gabriel has a Hebrew origin, and means 'God is my strength'.

What does 'Gaby' mean in German?

"Gaby" is a German first name for a female. Often it`s the official name of a woman, but it can also be a nickname. I think it might be the short form of "Gabriele", but I´