What does the phrase sells like hotcakes mean?

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To be sold very fast
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Sells like hotcakes where does this saying come from?

The saying sells like hotcakes comes from the early years inAmerica. Hot cakes were popular, they would be sold at fairs andchurch functions. They would sell almost as fast as

Why do people say selling like hotcakes?

\nHotcakes were really popular a long time ago, hence "selling like hotcakes" is just another way of an old person saying, "that ________ is flying off the shelves" or, "That

What does the phrase be like Gangbusters mean?

\n. \n. \nTo "come on like gangbusters" is a reference to the old radio show of the same name "Gangbusters". It was an early law enforcement cops and robbers type show.It ma

What does the phrase 'I like pie' mean?

It is commonly used as an icebreaker when there is a long silence. A person who says 'I like pie' does not always like pie, they just say it because they feel like it!

What does the phrase you like turtles mean?

The phrase, " I like turtles," originated from the YouTube video where the interview lady interviewed this kid and he randomly says,"I like turtles." It doesn't mean anything
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What does the phrase ' need to sell my house mean'?

Usually this phrase means somebody is in over their head and about to be foreclosed on. Sometimes it may be a case of a loved one having died and the other person just wantin