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What does the ringmaster say as the performers and animals march into the tent?

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Nothing, he has already announced them before they walk into the ring
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What is a telephone ringmaster?

  RingMaster service enables two or three telephone numbers to share one line. A unique ringing pattern is provided for each of the additional numbers. This allows a custo

What does a ringmaster wear?

A ringmaster for a circus wears a top hat and a tuxedo with a coat  and tails. The ringmaster might also carry a long wand for a  dramatic effect. The coat is usually a very

What does a circus ringmaster say?

Traditionally, the ringmaster's welcoming speech always starts with "Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages". For the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Baily Circus, he conti

What is tentative?

It is something that is done on a trial basis. Such as--> I bought a cat on a tentative basis to see if I liked it.
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How do you prepare an animal hide so that you can make a tent?

If you kill the animal you must cut off the tail if it has one. Then you must carfully remove the fur from the carcuss, After that you must lay it out flat on a table or groun