What does the term kayaking mean in computer terms?

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Can't say I've heard it... Are you sure it's a computer term? Are you spelling it correctly?
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What does the computer term RMA mean?

Random Memory Access Return Merchandise Authorization (Permission by phone or message to send back equipment which may be defective or incompatible, and get a refund or cred

What does the computer term bytes mean?

8 bits form a byte. For example to store ASCII characters. Other language encodings need more bytes, e.g., Asian languages. A single bit of course is a 0 or 1 meaning a base2

What does USB mean in computer terms?

Universal Serial Bus .. Plus or Minus The Port Portion of that definition.. All it does it acess input and outout Via many different device via Processor command from the OS

What is the meaning of cmos in terms of computer?

CMOS stands for Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. It is the manufacturing technique used to create the main CMOS chip on your computer that stores the initial settings

What does RPM mean in computer terms?

RPM stands for "revolutions per minute". Although a term commonly associated with vehicles, it's also used when describing standard mechanical hard drives. Common speeds
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What does bus mean in computer terms?

A bus is a transmission path on which signals are dropped or picked up at every device attached. I hope this really help you, i answered it at my school for computers and i p
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What does the computer term worm mean?

It depends on the context. It's a type of virus - OR - It's an acronym - standing for W rite O nce R ead M any. In the latter example, the term worm is applied ot media
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What does the term favorites mean on a computer?

the term favorites on a computer means the favorite page you have marked as Favorited Answer: Favourites - are the addresses of regularly visited sites, stored in a folder