What does uncapped liability mean?

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A limitation (a cap) of liability clause is a contractual provision that restricts the amount of damages a client can recover from a company. Uncapped liability is a liability without a limit.
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What does net liabilities mean?

Net Liabilities are its debts after its current assets are sold. Acompany's current assets are those that will be sold within oneyear.

What is uncapped commission?

Uncapped commission is the ability to make the necessary funds without the worry of competition within the sales/marketing field. As you have a based salary,it would be a base

What is the meaning of 'redeem liability '?

I t means that the points you earned from e-voucher can be can be converted as cash to pay for the premium for X insurance products. Generally, it would also say that how m

What does cross liability mean?

Cross liablity is where there are two named parties under the same insurance poliy. One may not make a claim against another and the overall limit is the same total amount.

What do you mean by liabilities?

Any amount which is returnable by the company to it's owners oroutsiders on the event of dissolution of company that amount iscalled liability of company

What is the exact meaning of liability define?

In accounting terms, Liability is one of the type of account.Using this type of account for all other loans, generally larger long-term loans such as a mortgage or vehicle loa

What does a public liability mean?

A public liability is a form of insurance purchased by businesses. This insurance protects a company from lawsuit in the event a consumer is harmed as a result of their action
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What is the legal meaning for absolute liability?

The legal meaning for 'absolute liability' is that one could be found guilty of a crime even if it was not intentional. Regulatory offences are considered to be strict liabil

What does Pecuniary liability mean?

It is the personal financial responsibility of accounting officialswho approve expenses, making them responsible for verifying theaccuracy of their account payments. If you ar

What does liabilities mean?

Legally, liabilities are things you are responsible for such asdebts or breakages. In the status of an individual or group, liabilities aredrawbacks or negative attributes,