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It depends on the type of software. Web-based application software in generic terms is software that is used through a browser that helps you in a task.
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WHAT is entertainment software in application software?

Its very simple, just remember in the present day we all are having  the entrtainment through the Internet, and various applications are  made for the certain purpose. The e

What is web application software?

In software engineering, a web application or webapp [1] is an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. It is also a

What is an example of discounted software 1 software suite 2 educational versions of software 3 Beta software 4 web-based application software?

Educational versions of software are often discounted to make them more affordable for students. Educational versions of software are often discounted to make them more affor

What is a system software and application software?

Application software is a computer software designed to help the user perform specific tasks. Example: media players, education software, painting, enterprise software etc. S

What are systems software and application software?

very easy, the system software is the base, like windows, mac os lion, linux, the application software run on the system software, like windows live messenger, coda, or gimp,

What differents are between application software and Web application?

Application software is computer software which is specially developed to help users for doing specific task on the computer. Web application which helps user, to receive and

What is application software?

application software is a platform where user can interface to thisworld application software are programs installed on a computer'soperating system

What is system software and application software?

Actually, a system software is any computer software which manages and controls computer hardware so that application software can perform a task. Operating systems, such as M

What is a system software and a application software?

System software is the OS, which is the backbone of your pc, the user interface that aloes you to use you computer and read, write and modify files. Application software is

Web-based application software is software that?

   is stored completely on a Web serverWe help local Lexington, Ky  businesses with marketing on the internet. Form local Lexington SEO  to Pay Per Click set up, SEO

Web based application software testing?

Some or all of the following testing types may be performed  depending on your web testing requirements.   Web Application Testing Checklist:  1.  Functionality Testing