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What drawing pens do fashion designers use?

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Pantone felt pens if I'm not mistaken
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What markers do fashion designers use?

The most general markers they use would be copic markers or prismacolor markers those really work, a little bit pricey but they're worth it (:

Will you use geometry in fashion design?

Yes. When constructing a garment geometry is one of the most important part of the design.

Which fashion designer uses a skull for their symbol?

I don't know about logo but Alexander McQueen uses alot of skull motifs on his work; the knuckle duster clutches, scarves, jackets, tees, rings and dresses all feature skulls.

What use of technology does a Fashion Designer use?

A fashion designer uses lots of technology: -Sewing Machine (to create the clothes themselves) -Computers (to research) (to help them design, as there are fashion programm

How does a fashion designer use technology?

"Technology" is so broad, but I will break it down as best I can.    For software programs, we primarily use:   Illustrator- For free-hand computer sketching usuall

What are the uses of CorelDRAW in fashion design?

CorelDRAW helps designers sketch out a drawing on a computer and get it exact the first time around. CorelDRAW also helps get the exact measurement on the outfit without guess

What equipment does a fashion designer use?

I don't know much about fashion designing. However, from much experience in watching Project Runway, the indispensable tools a fashion designer uses include: A sketchbook: Fa

What software can be used for fashion designers?

Many people have been using C-DESIGN Fashion for a while, and they  are pretty happy with it. Click on the C-Design link in the Related  Links section below.   OptiTex f

What tools do fashion designers use?

A few tools that fashion designers use are:sewing machinesergerneedlesthreadfabricscissorsseam ripperpinspin cushionmeasuring tapepencilssketch padscomputerCAD program / fashi

Is there any pen you cannot use to draw a freehand design?

A pen for this needs to be able to move in any direction with the  hand and to have a steady, free flow of ink. A quill pen or a pen  with a nib may therefore not be the bes