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What drawing pens do fashion designers use?

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Pantone felt pens if I'm not mistaken
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What are the uses of CorelDRAW in fashion design?

CorelDRAW helps designers sketch out a drawing on a computer and get it exact the first time around. CorelDRAW also helps get the exact measurement on the outfit without guess

How do you draw figures like a fashion designer?

  What I generally do is take a pad of tracing paper, find a magazine cutout of a good pose, and trace the pose (a bit thinner than it appears) in pencil. Then, turn the t

Who is the top fashion designer in the US?

Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer who is well-known for his work with the French fashion house Louis Vuitton. However, Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who has prod

Is there a fashion design company that accepts fashion drawings from teenagers?

This really depends on where you live, and how the fashion industry is like over there. Most fashion companies, however, don't allow teenagers to help with their designs. Of c

Is there any pen you cannot use to draw a freehand design?

A pen for this needs to be able to move in any direction with the  hand and to have a steady, free flow of ink. A quill pen or a pen  with a nib may therefore not be the bes