What effect did the Australia floods have on Australia?

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It cost alot of money, and people died. But it made us smarter and stronger.
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How has the ABC radio effected Australia?

Australia is an isolated outpost insofar as its culture is concerned. The ABC gave Australians a more balance view of events without the pressure that is put upon the free media,rather then the heavily slanted points of view that tended to be presented by the free press and media.

Effects of the Vietnam War on Australia?

The effects upon Australia were similar to the effects on the US. However, the US had a population of over two hundred million people and Australia had a population of less than twenty million people (less people than the state of California) in the 1960's. So the effects of the war on the people we (MORE)

What effects did the British empire have on Australia?

Australia was a holding places for convicts back in the days of British Imperialism. The people they imprisoned suffered. They drive on the left side of the road. They speak English. The British brought rabbits to Australia, now the rabbits are everywhere, because in Australia the rabbits do (MORE)

What effects do the ring of fire have on Australia?

Very little. The faultlines along which the Ring of Fire are located bypass Australia completely. Whilst Australia can be hit by tsunamis resulting from the effects of the Ring of Fire, to date it has not been affected measurably by any such tsunamis. The minimal earthquake activity that occurs de (MORE)

Would Australia get floods?

Although Australia is the second driest continent (with Antarcticabeing the driest as precipitation there is virtually nil), it canand it does flood in Australia - regularly. Floods are one of themost common natural disasters in the country. This is because ofthe unique layout of the continent. Aus (MORE)

What effect did the Cold War have on Australia?

it was used to get Australians to allow nuclear testing to be done on our soil for the British It was also used to keep Australians terrified. As a matter of fact in the 60's there were a lot of school children convinced that they would be ash before they made it to the 70,'s the effect was that the (MORE)

What are the effects of introduced species into Australia?

A successful introduced species eradication scheme is one that, once the intro. species has "done it's job" then it dies because there is no more pest/ feral organisms for it to survive on. However, some schemes are unsuccessful and the introduced species becomes a pest, a good example of this in Au (MORE)

What are 3 of Australia most famous floods?

Major floods in Australia's history include:. Gundagai floods (Murrumbidgee River), June 1852: 89 people were killed and the old town of Gundagai swept away . Brisbane floods, January 1974: 16 people died, 300 were injured, and 9,000 people left homeless. Total cost of the damage, in 1974 values, (MORE)

What are 3 types of floods in Australia?

Three major types of floods include:. Slow onset floods - these occur gradually after there has been significant rain in a catchment area. Often, towns have plenty of warning that such floods are coming, and have the time to create levee banks for protection. Charleville, in western Queensland, is (MORE)

What is the environmental impact of floods in Australia?

Floods in Australia can have widespread environmental impact which may cause problems or have benefits. Positive environmental impacts include: . They can spread silt and sediment that contains rich minerals and nutrients which have been washed down. This improves the fertility of the land. (MORE)

What effect did terra nullius have on Australia?

Terra Nullius means "land that belongs to no-one". By applying this concept to Australia in 1788, it simplified the act of colonisation of Australia by the British. Great Britain sought to expand its empire, and so the country applied the doctrine of 'terra nullius' to Australia as that gave the (MORE)

Where in Australia do floods occur?

Floods can occur anywhere in Australia. They are especially common in the north and the Gulf country of Queensland during the summer monsoonal season. When flooding occurs along Queensland or NSW rivers, the flooding can extend for thousands of square kilometres, encompassing several river systems a (MORE)

Which parts of Australia are most likely to flood?

Floods can occur anywhere in Australia. They are especially commonin the north and the Gulf country of Queensland during the summermonsoonal season. When flooding occurs along Queensland or NSWrivers, the flooding can extend for thousands of square kilometres,encompassing several river systems at a (MORE)

How much of Australia will flood if Antarctica melts?

The chances of it happening are not great, but if Antarctica melts, all Australia's capital cities will be underwater. Antarctica holds enough ice to raise sea levels by 60 metres (200 feet). . Perth: Average 31.5 metres altitude. . Adelaide: 50 m . Sydney: 36 m . Melbourne: 10 m . Brisbane: (MORE)

When was it when eastern Australia was struck with floods?

Eastern Australia experiences flooding from time to time, and the continent had been slowly emerging from an El Nino event since March 2009, which is when the first lot of floods struck eastern Australia. There were two major episodes of flooding in Queensland (northern half of eastern Australia) in (MORE)

How frequently do floods occur in Australia?

Floods occur on a regular basis. Many parts of Australia's eastern half are flood-prone, due to the numerous river systems and low plains throughout the region. The northern and eastern coasts are also prone to summer cyclones (which bring heavy rains) and seasonal monsoonal rains. These rains can s (MORE)

What area in Australia was affected by the flood?

Currently (January 2011), Queensland is suffering from massive floods across much of the state. Some 22 towns and a couple of cities have been fully or partially evacuated. Some of the water is heading for the coast; some of it is replenishing the Darling River which, in turn, will flush out the M (MORE)

How are the people coping with the flood in Australia?

As one would expect, the floods are devastating. People have lost family members, pets, property and their very livelihood. Farmers and business owners, in particular, face heartbreak of losses that they can never recoup. Flood insurance is very expensive for people who live anywhere near the river, (MORE)

Is there flooding in some part of Australia?

75% of the entire state of Queensland has been affected by floods in some way. This includes from Rockhamptonl where floodwaters have remained for about three weeks. Centres west to Emerald and south west to St George have been affected as well. In January 2011, the city of Brisbane has been inund (MORE)

How deep is the flash floods in Australia?

There has been just one flash flood in Australia in 2011. This wave, which came down a mountainside from the city of Toowoomba at the top of the range, reached heights of 8 metres, according to witnesses. The remainder of the floods have been slow-onset floods, quite different to flash floods. The (MORE)

How many people have died in Australia by floods?

If this is a reference to the January 2011 floods in eastern Australia, the death toll stands at 22 , as of January 31. During Australia's history of European settlement, hundreds of people have died in Australia because of floods, but the figures have not been anywhere as high as in some parts (MORE)

What Caused The Australia Floods?

Very briefly the floods were caused by excessive rain, the ground not being able to absorb anymore water and the La Nina weather pattern.

When did the flooding in Australia become an issue?

Flooding in Australia is always an issue. In the latest floods (December 2010 - January 2011), the floods became an issue when the floods affected 75% of the area of Queensland; when Toowoomba, a city sitting at the top of the Great Dividing Range, experienced a deadly flash flood (Toowoomba does no (MORE)

Where was the flood in Australia?

Floods occur in all of Australia's states and territoriesperiodically. Floods are among the most common natural disasters inAustalia.

What is the financial health of Australia due to the floods?

The country is devastated and in some areas there is a state of disarray. Obviously, having to repair everything will cost. That's common sense. Australia, however, has recovered remarkably well from the Global Financial Crisis and while the federal budget is in deficit, Australia as a whole shou (MORE)

What are the 6 main effects on Australia caused by the flood?

we are a huge land mass based in the middle of nowhere next to the largest body of water in the entire world and in qld we have the longest mountain range in the world as well which is close to the coast... Combined with expected seasonal rain, high tides and cities and towns basing themselves aroun (MORE)

When was Australia flooded?

Parts of Australia flood regularly. The most recent significant floods occurred between December 2010 and January 2011.

Why is Australia prone to floods?

Many parts of Australia's eastern half and the north are flood-prone due to the numerous river systems and low plains throughout the region. The northern and eastern coasts are also prone to summer cyclones (which bring heavy rains) and seasonal monsoonal rains. These rains can send large amounts of (MORE)

How many devastating floods have happened in Australia?

There have been numerous floods in Australia's history which have caused untold devastation to lives and property. Not all are mentioned below. . On 25 June 1852, a torrent of water swept down the already flooded Murrumbidgee River, hitting the town of Gundagai and killing 89. There was a second, (MORE)

What were the effects of the gold rushes in Australia?

The gold rushes in Australia had significant short-term andlong-term effects. . One of the main effects of the gold rushes was on the growingagricultural industry. Many men who worked on the farms, sheep andcattle stations simply downed their tools and left. Workers,owners, roustabouts, stockmen, (MORE)

What effect did WW1 have on migration to Australia?

You have to consider, that if people escape their countries and migrate to Australia for peace and new life, if Australia is also in war, there isn't much reason for leaving in the first place. During the War, millions were spent on weaponary and eventually Australia fell into rescession, Australia (MORE)

Does it flood often in Australia?

Depends on what you mean by 'often'. Australia is a huge country, with diverse weather. Floods are not uncommon; less during 'El Nino' years when it tends to drought, more when it swings to 'La Nina' and rainfall increases.

Where do floods mostly happen in Australia?

Floods happen in a variety of areas in Australia, but they are more common in the eastern half of the continent. Australia is a very flat country. Running down the eastern coast is the Great Dividing Range, so there are the usual coastal plains there. To the west of the range are vast expanses of fl (MORE)

What effect did the rabbits have when they were introduced into Australia?

Rabbits have caused major ecological damage in Australia. Rabbits have ravaged the vegetation which supports native wildlife, and they eat far more of it than native animals do. In addition, rabbits breed faster than native animals do, meaning more of them can cause damage very quickly. Because r (MORE)

What effect did the white Australia policy have on Australia?

The White Australia Policy had wide-ranging effects on Australia,socially, politically and economically. politicians used the policyas a platform for their campaigns. there was lingering resentmentfrom decades earlier, when the Chinese had arrived in Australia intheir tens of thousands, successfully (MORE)