What effect did the Australia floods have on Australia?

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It cost alot of money, and people died. But it made us smarter and stronger.
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Would Australia get floods?

Although Australia is the second driest continent (with Antarcticabeing the driest as precipitation there is virtually nil), it canand it does flood in Australia - regularly.

What are 3 types of floods in Australia?

Three major types of floods include:. Slow onset floods - these occur gradually after there has been significant rain in a catchment area. Often, towns have plenty of warning

What area in Australia was affected by the flood?

Currently (January 2011), Queensland is suffering from massive floods across much of the state. Some 22 towns and a couple of cities have been fully or partially evacuated.

Is there flooding in some part of Australia?

75% of the entire state of Queensland has been affected by floods in some way. This includes from Rockhamptonl where floodwaters have remained for about three weeks. Centres

Where in Australia are the floods?

Most of the floods in Australia happen in the northern more tropical areas because it receives the greatest amount of rain.

What Caused The Australia Floods?

Very briefly the floods were caused by excessive rain, the ground not being able to absorb anymore water and the La Nina weather pattern.

Where was the flood in Australia?

Floods occur in all of Australia's states and territoriesperiodically. Floods are among the most common natural disasters inAustalia.

What are the 6 main effects on Australia caused by the flood?

we are a huge land mass based in the middle of nowhere next to the largest body of water in the entire world and in qld we have the longest mountain range in the world as well

When was Australia flooded?

Parts of Australia flood regularly. The most recent significant floods occurred between December 2010 and January 2011.
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Why is Australia prone to floods?

Many parts of Australia's eastern half and the north are flood-prone due to the numerous river systems and low plains throughout the region. The northern and eastern coasts ar