What exactly is clay?

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Clay is a term used to describe a group of hydrous aluminum phyllosilicate (phyllosilicates being a subgroup of silicate minerals) minerals , that are typically less than 2 μm (micrometres) in diameter. Clay consists of a variety of phyllosilicate minerals rich in silicon and aluminum oxides and hydroxides which include variable amounts of structural water. Clays are generally formed by the chemical weathering of silicate-bearing rocks by carbonic acid but some are formed by hydrothermal activity. Clays are distinguished from other small particles present in soils such as silt by their small size, flake or layered shape, affinity for water and tendency toward high plasticity.
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What can you do with clay?

Clay is used for many things. Normally, clay is used to makesculptures or pottery, such as busts, bowls, plates, and mugs.

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Where can you get clay?

Go to the mine in Southern Varrock and mine it, then add water to it to make soft clay. Or you could just buy it at G.E.

Where do you get clay from?

Well you will have to mine it. Mining it sounds pretty deep in the ground! In most places if you go into the garden and dig away the top layer of earth, which may only be 12

What is clay?

a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired

Is clay cliffs made of clay?

Yes, that is why they are called clay cliffs. When it dries, clay is firm, and forms a soft rock, however it is easily eroded, so clay cliffs are often unstable.

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What exactly are clay chips used for?

They are typically used for poker chips at casinos. They usually contain more than just clay. Materials such as sand and chalk may also be used alongside clay.