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What figurative language referrs to a part of something that represents the whole?

It could be Microcosm: a situation or place that represents a larger situation or place, eg the play "the crucible" was a microcosm for a situation in American politics in the time in was written. It could also be Synecdoche: where a section or feature is used to describe the whole eg stiff upper lip It may be objective correlative, where small inferences are used to explain something unexplainable eg "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons" - T.S Eliot
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What other novels are currently in the works? Can readers expect any more new releases anytime soon?

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How can you figure out if something is plagiarized?

If you think something has been plagiarized from the web, do a Google search. Feed suspicious looking sentences or phrases into Google - for example, bits that sound too polis (MORE)

What is literal and figurative language?

Literal and figurative language is a distinction in traditional systems for analyzing language. Literal language refers to words that do not deviate from their defined meaning (MORE)

Figurative languages from the book stargirl?

Her hair was the color of sand. (4)   Her eyes were the biggest I had ever seen, like deers eyes caught  in headlights. (6)   She looked like Heidi, or Bo Peep (8)   (MORE)

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What does burning a whole rose represent?

  It shows that the flame is your love. That forever that rose is your love, and that the fire is your love flame keeping your relationship alive.
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Which is true of figurative language?

It has more than just a literal meaning and is used to add more  depth and complexity to literature and poetry. It's essential in  many ways.
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