What flower will grow in 2 weeks?

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There is a member of the Mustard family called RCB (rapid-cycling brassica) Brassica rapa L. a.k.a Wisconsin Fast Plants. These have been bred to have a one month life cycle and can produce flower buds and even bloom in as little as 14 days.
Restrepia antennifera
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What types of flowers grow in the desert?

Desert flowers . Succulents, cactus, anemone. IN ADDITION: . The iris is also a desert plant in Israel and Pakistan.. PLUS: . ~Desert flowers are known as xerographic plants, they have the ability to survive without water for long periods of time due to their Dicotic, extra vascular potentials. Plants such as the cactus have used their lessened surface area (Needles) for this adaptations. See the related link for more information.

How do you grow flowers?

1.plant flower seeds in a pot and put it in a window with plenty of sun. 2. water them 2 a day with warm sticky mayo(for best results microwave the mayo on high for 3 minutes.

How do you grow a flower?

Decide where you want to plant. Pay attention to what your growingzone is. The amount of sunlight and type of soil will help youdecide what will grow at that site. Look at the plant tag. It willtell you how deep to plant and if it is a shade or sun plant. Waterappropriately. You might ask at a gardening center what plants growwell in your area.

Why do flowers grow?

Flowers grow by getting food and minerals from the soil and sunlight in a process called Photosynthesis.

How do flowers grow?

Once you plant a flower and water it using chemical energy, the solar energy will help the plant to grow and just by soil, water and sun the flower will start to show it petals.

How does a flower grow?

The adult flower drops seeds to the ground and the seed if it survives devolops a stem then leaves and finnally the flower with the stigma until it withers or is pulled out of the ground or eaten by animals. Flowers grow by getting food and minerals from the soil and sunlight in a process called Photosynthesis. .

Which flower grows in 1 week?

The sunflower grows within a week as long as you water it twice a day.

Can you grow a bean plant in 2 weeks?

no because it will not grow to full size yet, but it will be a short plant.

Where does white box flower grow?

The white box variety of the Eucalyptus plant can be found inVictoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. Its official name isEucalyptus Albens.

What flowers grow in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has several kinds of native flowers. These flowersinclude dames rocket, columbine, forget me nots, trout lilies,spring beauties, and bloodroots.

What do flowers grow in?

You plant flower seeds in soil to grow flowers. You can plant themin a garden or flower bed. There are many flowers that you can growindoors in flower pots.

How long does hair take to grow in 2 weeks right after a trim?

Depends on the individual. Some people have really fast growing hair, some people have really slow growing hair. My brother's hair will basically grow more than two inches in that period of time but for a classmate of mine it took an entire term to grow that long. Mine grows about two cm in that time so, if your curious about your own personal hair growth maybe get an obvious foil or something and see the distance between the two colours in two weeks.

How long does hair grow in 2 weeks?

Hair grows half an inch in a month and half of that in two weeks. I got a horrible short haircut, but my hair is growing out.

How a flower grows?

Flowers grow by getting food and minerals from the soil and sunlight in a process called Photosynthesis. .

How can you grow your hair 2 inches in a space of 3 weeks?

Dream on! You must have a bad haircut like I do!! There is a product called "fast." If you use the shampoo and conditioner your hair can grow up to 45 percent faster. I've been using it and it works! It's out of Canada and I bought it on line. Give it a try.

Which flower will grow in two weeks?

Restrepia antennifera , the Antennae-carrying Restrepia , is an epiphytic , miniature species of orchid found at higher altitudes in cool, moist montane forests in Venezuela , Colombia and Ecuador . . These tiny orchids lack pseudobulbs . The erect, thick, leathery leaf is elliptic-ovate in shape. The aerial roots seem like fine hairs. . The attractive flowers are 5-6 cm long. They develop one at a time at the base of the leaf. They are borne on a slender peduncle , originating from the base of the back of the leaf. The long dorsal sepal is erect, triangular at the base and ends in a somewhat thicker club-shaped tip (= clavate). They have fused lateral sepals (synsepals) which may be quite colorful : yellow, orange or tan with contrasting maroon lengthwise stripes. The long, slender, lateral petals equally end in a thickened club-shaped tip. The long lip is ovoid and widest at its apex. It shows a reddish lengthwise stripe. In rare cases, the synsepals may split, resulting in two separate sepals. The column has four pollinia . . Restrepia antennifera is well-known to orchid growers, although many other Restrepia s are misidentified as "antennifera". The flower blooms for 1 to 2 weeks. They flower again and again in sequential order from the same growth.

How can you grow your hair within 2 weeks?

Try shampoo you can find at petco. its for horses and it makes your hair grow faster and thicker

Does your stomach grow when your 2 weeks pregnant?

The foetus is only a few mm large at two weeks. So there is no way your stomach grows that fast because of pregnancy. It might be that you are more hungry then before and that makes your stomach grow :-)))

How does flowers grow?

Well, when you plant a flower in the soil usually it has some ingredient in it then when you water it it sucks the water up through the stem. Then it grows like us and when it eats it grows like US!

What type of flowers grow within three weeks?

The sunflower grows within a week as long as you water it twice a day.

You passed puberty 2 weeks ago and your penis is not growing Should you be worried?

It may be that you haven't completely finished puberty, or there may be a hormone imbalance that affected growth. See a doctor if you're concerned. I should allow up until 18-years-old for it to grow. Men still grow until around 20-years-old so you may just be a late starter.

How do you grow your hair fast in 2 weeks?

well, to be honest there is no miracle way to grow your hair. but apparently massaging the scalp ( with some force!) can help get your blood flowing around your scalp, and can awaken the follicles. Also, if you take some extra vitamins, ( B, D + C) it may help. aswell as drinking water too! oh, and cutting your hair does not help it grow faster! A trim is good, yes, but only to rejuvinate the ends, and make it look healthier.. just try these (for a good few months) and see how things go. I also heard there is a procedure hair salons do, my friend got it done Permanent hair straightening. If you do not want or have straight hair, this is not for you! but it has certain chemicals & nutrients that help hair apparently grow fast! it only lasts 12 weeks though, and it costs about 130 euro. check it out ! (: good luck

How do you grow bangs in 2 weeks tops?

You cannot speed up hair growth easily, and depending on how long you want them there is probably no way to grow bangs out in two weeks. Be patient and keep the hair trimmed and healthy. It may help to find styles where you cannot see the bangs. Practice pinning them straight back or braiding across the front of your face to see how you can fake the no bangs look as they grow out.

In 2 weeks of pregnancy does your belly button start to grow out?

if you think your pregnant and you don't wanna say anything too my mom and dad what should i do?

Do flowers grow faster with salt or not?

flowers do not grow faster with salt water because if it is to salty or u put to much in the plant it will die so i think it will grow faster in regular water.

Do flowers grow better with or with out music?

I am conducting a Science Fair experiment on this right now. so far the plant that has music is growing the best, and the one with classical music as opposed to rock or hip hop. even country! hope i helped. :)

Do any flowers grow in Antarctica?

According to the British Antarctic Survey Natural Enviroment Research Council website, there are only two flowering plants in Antarctica, and I quote, "There are no trees or shrubs, and only two species of flowering plants, Antarctic hair grass (Deschampsia antarctica) and Antarctic pearlwort (Colobanthus quitensis) are found, occurring on the South Orkney Islands, the South Shetland Islands and along the western Antarctic Peninsula. The vegetation is predominantly made up of lower plant groups (mosses, liverworts, lichens and fungi) which are specially adapted to surviving in extreme environments, in particular, tolerating low temperatures and dehydration. There are, in total, around 100 species of mosses, 25 species of liverworts, 300 to 400 species of lichens and 20-odd species of macro-fungi."

What flowers grow in Canada?

Pacific Dogwood, Wild Rose, Western Red Lily, Prairie Crocus, White Trillium, Blue Flag, Purple Voilet, Mayflower, Lady's Slipper, Pitcher Plant, Fire weed, Mountain Avens, Purple Saxifraga, The Maple Leaf.

How do you grow the flowers on mythology island?

To get the flower, you have to restore the flow of water to the Garden of the Sphinx. Climb up to the right to reah the Aqueduct. Starting at the upper left, open each of the 4 levers, and click on the two wooden channels to drop them into place. When the flow reaches the garden, you can get the Rose.

What part of a flower do lettuce grow on?

Lettuces are said to 'bolt' when they grow a central stem which then bears flowers.

Where can flowers grow?

Flowers and plants can grow in your garden like most gardens have. They also can grow in many woods and forests, they can grow in many different places in the world .

Where do Jasmine flowers grow?

The 200 species of the jasmines are native to the tropical and temperate regions of the Old World. See the Related Link posted below for more information:

Between 2-3 weeks how many inches does a plant grow?

Type your answer here... Usually between 22 and 42 feet cuz u have no life and u have to look on the internet for all ur answers cuz ur too lazy to figure it out urself so idk....

How can you get your hair to grow 2 inches in one week?

Here are some steps that can help your hair grow 3-4 inches in oneweek. #1.get a small cup or bowl that is microwave heatresistant.#2.pour some olive oil in there and heat it up for 10seconds or less until the olive oil is WARM.#3.massage that oil inyour scalp.#4.This may sound weird but flip your head over for 4minutes to stimulate the blood pressure and help it grow.NOTE: IFYOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE DON"T DO THIS ACTION.#4.keep the oilin you hair for 2 hours.#5.after 2 hours wash out all the oil. Andin no time at all do this once everyday and will see results in oneweek! :)

Do daisies grow fruits and flowers?

The common daisy is usually referred to as a flower. So yes they have a flower. As for fruits it is a common misconception that daisies don't have fruits. However, the daisy seeds are held within pods which are actually the daisy's fruit.

Could you make you're hair grow 2 - 3 inches in 6 weeks?

Well i Know a way to make it grow that long in 2 weeks. There is an inexcpensive product called fast. It is just a regular shamppo. Look them up for more info.

What kind of flowers grow in a jungle?

Orchids It is estimated that there are about 18,000 species of orchids and of these 70 per cent are epiphytes. They take their nutrients and water from the air which makes them perfect for rainforest canopy plants. They grow on host plants, but take nothing from them. Pollination, aided by birds and insects, produces masses of seeds, which are mostly wind dispersed. Hummingbird Flowers Hummingbirds prefer brightly coloured flowers that have cuplike shapes and sweet nectar. Passionflowers are particularly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. The resulting passion fruits are then eaten by a variety of birds and animals, both of which help disperse the seeds in their droppings. ref 1 and resource

Can flowers develop and grow?

Yes. Flowers do grow and develop over time. This time varies between different plants. Flowers and plants keep hydrated by taking rain water from the earth through there root into the plant itself. They take in energy using a process called photosynthesis which takes energy from the sunlight and converts into fuel for it to grow.

What seeds make flower grow?

I didn't quite get your question, but I'll try my best to answer. Plants grow because of a little sprout inside of the seed that continues to grow by eating the food provided inside of the seed.

Is there a flower that only takes 2 weeks to grow?

Well it depends on when you plant it because I planted Blue Bonnets in the summer and it took about 2 weeks to grow!!!

How do flowers help flowers grow?

When one kind of flowers are blossoming , the bees will go to gather honey , so , other pistil will grow and bolosom as well .

When do the flowers grow?

It depends, if you are planting the flower in fall then it will be a full grown plant by winter. Or if you plant it on Halloween then it will be a full grown plant by Christmas eve. So basically, A seed can grow into a full grown plant in a month and a half.

Can a flower grow in three weeks?

It depends on the flower. Some flowers can grow up to as fast as 2-3 days. Some flowers van take up to 3 to 4 weeks to grow.

What do flowers grow from?

Flowers/ plants grow normally from seeds, although they can alsobe propagated vegetatively by cuttings or off-shoots/ off-sets

What flower do cocks comb flower grow?

Celosia cristata is the cockscomb as the flower is flattened and shaped like a cockscomb.

How can you grow 5 inches in 2 weeks?

You cannot, therefore it is impossible. The only way would to have a massive growth spurt which would be highly unlikely to grow that much.

What vegetables that grow in less than 2 weeks?

Provided the seeds are viable, all vegetables begin to grow upon germination and continue to grow constantly. However, very few varieties are pickable or edible after only 2 weeks.

How big are alum crystals after growing for 2 weeks?

Adding alum to hot tap water until it no longer dissolves, will create a solution that will allow crystals to form as it evaporates. The size the crystals will be for 2 weeks will depend on growing conditions and if any solution is left.

What beans grow in less than 2 weeks?

Do you mean grow to a proper sprout or grow to produce beans? For sprouts, germination should start within 2-3 days and will be ready for harvest in 4-5 days. Planting outdoors, sometimes it takes two weeks to get germination unless you soak the beans in warm water the night prior to planting. Bush beans will have pods in 7-8 weeks, pole beans 8-9 weeks and fava bean may take 10-12 weeks before they have pods.

What are the release dates for Grow Your Own Drugs - 2009 Flowers 1-2?

Grow Your Own Drugs - 2009 Flowers 1-2 was released on: UK: 9 March 2009 Germany: 9 March 2010 USA: 2013