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Nectar and pollen are what honey bees (Apis mellifera) eat when they are outdoors. The nectar mixes with enzymes within bee stomachs to produce honey. It also may be mixed with pollen to produce protein-rich beebread.

Honey and stored pollen are what the queen and the workers eat while they overwinter in their hives.

Selected larvae that are to be future queens are fed on royal jelly and the queens.
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Do bees eat their own honey?

Yes, that's why they make it. Bees make honey and store it so they have food when they are unable to forage for nectar.

Do bees eat honey?

  Yes, it is their primary food source in winter.

What do adult honey bees eat?

A clue is in the name "honey" bee. The only reason that the bees make honey is to provide an effective way of storing food. The fact that Man and other animals steal it is inc

What do honey bees eat in the winter?

Honey. The bees build up a store of honey during the summer which they eat through the winter. Beekeepers will take a surplus of honey from the hive, but won't take all the ho

What do honey bees eat as alternative food?

During the flowering season, the main source of food for a honey bee will be nectar which the bee feeds on directly from the plant. During the winter, when no flowers are avai

How do honey bees obtain food?

Forager bees collect nectar and pollen, and bring them back to the hive where they are stored. Water is evaporated from the nectar, turning it into honey. Bees eat pollen, a r

Do bee larvae eat honey?

For the first three days after hatching from the egg all larvae are fed on a substance produced in the nurse bees' hyperpharyngeal glands, called bee milk or royal jelly. Afte