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All those that are listed as pareve, obviously! Which list are you talking about anyway?
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Does kosher only apply to food?

No, the term 'kosher', which means 'fit', does not only apply to food. The laws of kashrut also apply to such things as clothing and religious items such as the Torah, mezuzot

What type of food are kosher and non- kosher?

The Bible specifies that only certain fish, birds , and mammals can be eaten. The criteria is complex: Fish must have a certain type of fin and scales, thus excluding fish suc

Are there kosher requirements for food packaging?

As long as the utensils and machinery is uncontaminated the food is kosher. This only applies to food that was kosher to begin with. The most well known sign is OU, which is a

Is lamb a kosher food?

Lamb is an animal that is considered fit for eating according to the laws of kashrut. The animal would still have to be slaughtered and prepared correctly for the meat to be c

What is the difference between kosher and pareve?

  Kosher means the food is allowed to be consumed by a Jewsihperson, Pareve simply means it's neither milk nor meat the most common examples are fish, eggs, and produce.

What does it mean if food is kosher?

The literal meaning of the word 'kosher' is 'fit'. When food is kosher, the food in question was prepared, served, and consumed in accordance with the laws of kashrut (Jewish

Do kosher foods have to be blessed by a rabbi?

No. If a food item is not kosher ... for example because it came from a non-kosher species, or was slaughtered improperly, or was found to be injured or internally deformed,

What is the difference between kosher and pareve items?

Kosher literally means 'fit'. When food is kosher it means that the food was prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). (meat- animals that chew their cud an

What type of food is not considered kosher?

Certain animals may not be eaten at all (pigs, birds of prey, etc.). This restriction includes the flesh, organs, eggs and milk of the forbidden animals. . Of the animals tha

Is hot chocolate kosher food?

If it has a kosher symbol on the package, it's been inspected and certified kosher. Chocolate is not forbidden, and neither is milk as long as there's no meat or meat by-produ

Is steak kosher food?

If the steak comes from a kosher animal that was slaughtered according to the laws of kashrut and was then prepared following the same laws, then yes, it would be kosher.

What is kosher food?

Kosher foods are those that are prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish religious dietary law). (Foods that are not kosher are traife.) The only kosher flesh foods ar

What foods are Kosher foods?

Kosher refers to any food that is produced following the Jewish  dietary laws which are called kashrut. The core rules of kashrut  are:    * Land animals must have sp