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What gun do police officers in Missouri use?

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The type of firearm carried by any law enforcement officer is determined by the officer's employer and sometimes the officer him/herself. Most law enforcement agencies permit their officers to carry any one of several sidearms from an approved list. The most commonly carried firearm in the United States is Glock, with about 65% of the U.S. market.
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What do police use their gun for?

Officers use their guns to maintain a safer situation for themselves and surrounding civilians. If the suspect is a perceived threat, the firearm may be used to attempt to c

What gun do Boston police use?

Approved Weapons are Glock 22, 23, and 27 - all chambered in .40 S&W, these are the ONLY weapons permitted for carry both on and off duty, certain officers (likely SWAT) are p

Tell a police officer if you have a gun in the car?

You are not required by law to tell a police officer that you have a gun in the car. If they ask if you do. and you say no, and they find it, you're in trouble. Also, if you h

What kind of guns do police have in US?

Most U.S. police officers carry semi-automatic sidearms in 9mm, .40 caliber, or .45 ACP. Glock has about 65% of the U.S. law enforcement market. Other major manufacturers are

What types of guns do police use?

Law enforcement "service weapons" vary widely, and the standards are usually set by the individual departments and agencies. Most agencies try to standardize on one weapon and

Do volunteer police officers carry guns?

Volunteer police officers are usually called reserve or auxiliary police. Not all states or agencies have reserves, and some employ some or all of them in a non-sworn capacity

What type of guns are used by police?

  In the U.S., different police departments use different guns. As far as handguns go, Glock has 60% or so of the market. Sig has a pretty good percentage of the rest, and

What tools do police officer use?

I don't know all tools. A police officer's main tool is the computer but other tools include a patrol car, motorcycle, pistol and Taser....
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Why do police officers carry guns?

Because they need a way to take down armed criminals from far distances added by CenCst Because the police are responsible for the protection of the people within their juris

What kind of hand gun does police officers in California use?

Each law enforcement agency prescribes what sidearms may be carried by their officers. California agencies furnish handguns to their sworn employees, and these are usually a s

What kind of guns do police use?

Different police departments issue different guns. There is no one official gun. the most commonly found in the USA is the 9mm Actually, since the 1990s, the .40 S&W has bec