What gun do police officers in Missouri use?

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The type of firearm carried by any law enforcement officer is determined by the officer's employer and sometimes the officer him/herself. Most law enforcement agencies permit their officers to carry any one of several sidearms from an approved list. The most commonly carried firearm in the United States is Glock, with about 65% of the U.S. market.
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Name for police officers gun?

most cops on general duty carry a Glock...but in extreme situations they may carry shotguns and other extreme weapons.

What guns do police officers use?

Each police agency has their own set of requirements for hand guns. ------------- It depend on state, station or personal preference. In U.S, Most use glock 19s 9 mm. Some u

Why do police officers carry guns?

Because they need a way to take down armed criminals from far distances added by CenCst Because the police are responsible for the protection of the people within their ju

What kind of hand gun does police officers in California use?

Each law enforcement agency prescribes what sidearms may be carried by their officers. California agencies furnish handguns to their sworn employees, and these are usually a s

Do us postal police officers carry guns?

Postal police officers are armed, but their function is more like that of a security guard. They're generally deployed at or near airports and other large postal distribution

Do volunteer police officers carry guns?

Volunteer police officers are usually called reserve or auxiliary police. Not all states or agencies have reserves, and some employ some or all of them in a non-sworn capacity

Where do the police officers keep their guns?

Most have a gun locker at home.

Do police officers have guns?

(in the US) Yes, all law enforcement officers are armed. In other nations; Some are armed and some are not (e.g.: the United Kingdom), in still others the police routinely ca

Why should police officers not carry guns?

If police carried guns then criminals would be more likely to have guns aswell to protect themselves from the police. Also very few people are able to live with the guilt of k