What hand do you raise when being sworn in when in court?

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You raise your right hand.
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Why in court do you have to raise your right hand when swearing on the Bible?

You see...Back in ancient times, long before America was America. sometime around the 14th or 15th century when court systems came to be, the aristocrats would run the courts.

Why do you raise your right hand to swear in court?

The ministry in the right hand of control of Jesus are an annointed ministry - set apart by the sanctifying blood of Jesus and the annointing of the Holy Ghost. In the Old Tes

Why use a bible when you are sworn in court?

I imagine it's because, that is probably the only part of the procedure where every person can truly be treated equally. We all have to use the same source or means to be swor

What is the process of being sworn into office?

The process of being sworn into office is Inauguration. "The President was Inaugurated for a second term" . For an example of what happens in an Inauguration ceremony,

Did obama have his hand on the bible when he was sworn in?

Yes When he was sworn in as president, the Chief Justice misspoke some of the words of the oath. The Chief Justice went to the White House the next day and they repeated the

Why cant you raise your left hand when you are sworn in?

In the United States and some other countries, it is customary to raise the right hand while swearing an oath, whether or not the left hand is laid on a Bible or other text. T