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The Bible is used because Christianity is the majority in the US. However, most courts are swearing the oath without the bible now. The ACLU and other groups that advocate for separation of church and state are continually challenging the use of the bible in public courts. If you are asked to swear an oath on the bible, and you are not Christian, you should refuse to swear on the bible.

Answerbecause for 2,000 years the bible has been a benchmark for echical conduct and appropriate interpersonal dealings. when used properly and in context, it provides the answers that some people haven't been raised to understand. many people don't know that things like "the golden rule" are direct quotes from the bible. if you had ever read the whole thing, you may be able to understand why it is so usefull in situations of conflict.
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Q: Why use the Bible in court?
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In court what hand do you put on the bible?

(in the US) Courts no longer use the Bible to swear-in witnesses due to the Constitutional requirement of the separation of church and state.

Where is The Bible used the most?

In a court of law

Who Use The Bible?

chrisans use the bible when they go to the church

What Bible do gurus use?

Gurus don't use a Bible.

What is the name of the Bible that Baptist use?

The name of the Bible that the Baptists use is simply the "Holy Bible". Just like the other Christians they use the Bible that has 66 books.

Can a person refuse to take an oath on the Bible in a courtroom?

Yes, a person can refuse to swear on the Bible in court. The person should notify the Court in advance since it's a change of procedure. The Court will then have the person simply raise their right hand and swear to tell the truth. Most courts in the United States no longer use a Bible during swear-in of a witness, citing separation of Church and State in due process.

Do you put your hand on the bible when you are sworn in court?

Simply put, no. but it may depend on which court you are in and what location.

How do Christians use Holy Bible?

they use Holy Bible by reading

What is it called when you swear on the Bible in court?

This is taking an oath

Who held the Bible during JFK's Inauguration?

The Bible was held by James Browning, Clerk of the Supreme Court.

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the use of bible in grain of wheat

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Do the Amish believe in the Bible?

Yes, they believe in the bible. They use the Bible for basing new rules for the church. Preachers and Deacons of the Amish church use the bible for messages.

Whose bible did Obama use to be sworn into office?

He chose to use the Lincoln Bible.

Do christians use the bible as a reference to life?

Christians do use the bible as a reference for life.

Do episcopals use The Bible?

Episcopals are a branch of Christianity, so yes they use the bible.

What do Christians use the Bible for?

Christians use the bible to learn more about their God and His son Jesus Christ. They also use the Bible to teach morals and the ways of righteousness.

What version of the Bible did Shakespeare use?

The Geneva Study Bible The Geneva Study Bible

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There is no Philomena in the Bible. Use an online Bible search and see for yourself.

Does presbyterians go by the King James Version of the Bible?

They use it but it is not the only version of the Bible they use.

The use of The Bible?

The use of the bible is to read it, meditate on it, use it as a guide, and discover a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour

What has the author JOHN M COURT written?


How many books are in seventh day Adventist bible?

Seventh-day Adventists do not have a personal Bible, they use the same Bible that all christians use.

What Bible did Barack Obama use for his oath?

He used the bible that Abe Lincoln used. He was the first president to use the bible since Lincoln did in 1861.

What do you say when you swear on the bible in court UK?

In the UK, swearing on the bible in court you say: I do swear, by almighty God, that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.