What happaned to Ahsoka Tano in Order 66?

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Ahsoka was killed by Darth Vader on Malachor in Star Wars Rebels Season Two
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How old is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is 14 at the moment. UPDATE:Ahsoka was 14 in season one. She was fifteen in season 2 and she is fifteen is season three. In the upcoming season she will be 16

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a teenaged Togruta Jedi Padawan. She is Anakin Skywalker's Padawan and she is strong-willed and feisty like Anakin. She appears in the TV show "Star Wars: The C

How does Ahsoka Tano?

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When does Ahsoka Tano?

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Does ahsoka tano survive order 66?

Yes she does. In an image we can see Ahsoka dueling with Dar Vader. Whether she survives that duel I do not know. If you want to see the image follow this link and scroll down

Did ashoka tano survive order 66?

Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader is dead. The celebration is over. Luke has restored the Jedi. As he works to regain the power of the Jedi, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi ha

Does Captin Rex save Ahsoka Tano from order 66?

First of all, Ahsoka and Rex's fate are mysteries to be revealed. And if Ahsoka was around during Order 66 and Rex found her, she would be a traitor to him and every clone off

I ahsoka tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a female Togruta. She is Anakin Skywalker's young Padawan. She wants her master to think that she can handle a lighsaber and be a pilot starfighter with great s
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Is Ahsoka tano tall?

Yes. She is 161 cm in season 1-2 and 170 cm in season 3.
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How does ahsoka tano get her second lightsaber?

It is still unknown how much time has passed since "we last saw her" and then grew older and decided to wield a shoto, which is quite impressive since shotos are challenging
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When does Ahsoka Tano get 2 lightsabers?

Ahsoka Tano gets two lightsabers in Season 3 of Star Wars: TheClone Wars . She also has a redesigned Togruta costume at thatpoint.