What happened at Montserrat?

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There was a really bad eruption and almost all of the city was destroyed because of it. Montserrat is an small Caribbean island, the capital is plymoth.
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Where is Montserrat?

It is located in Central America but sometimes because it is in such an awkward position in the world some say that it's in North or South America but I would say Central Amer

Is it safe on Montserrat?

Only a small part of the island in the north is safe. The rest of the island is blocked of.

What happened to the people after montserrat erupted?

They were unable to return to their homes, as the island had been covered in thick, hot ash. The island of Montserrat, unlike Haiti, had no money to rebuild or prioritise. As
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What happened in the montserrat volcano eruption?

it took a few months for the volcanoe to erupt but when it did 3 pyroclastic flows down the mountain at 80mph and it spreaded over a third of the moutain killing 19 people , a
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When did the big eruption at montserrat happen?

I'm not sure when it happened!! but i know that it was in the Caribbean islands, and 17 people were killed by it and 4 came out injured. their bodies were discovered all chare