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What happened to Just Right cereal?

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Kellogs stoped selling it in the US. Looks like the brits, aussies, and canadians still get it. =(
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What happened to Count Chocula cereal?

Nothing happened to Count Chocola cereal. ..It's still on the market; along with Frankenberry and Booberry. ...The only two cereals in the Monster cereals collection by Genera

What happens if you dont eat enough cereals?

you don't get enough fibres or other carbohydrates, or protein, Vitamin B, Iron, and other nutrients found in cereals. Then again, you wouldn't get half of these anyway if it

What would happen if you only lived on cereal?

Cereal does not have the nutritional content to support you fully. You wouldn't die, but you would become malnourished. And, you would have very low energy without fruits and
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What happened with the cereal team?

The cereal team represents the different types and brands of cereals. Many of the cereals have been discontinued and many things have been changed like the boxes and the prize