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What happens to our bodies when we exercise?

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Muscles contract to create movement and use up more energy than normal to do so. The body is burning calories of macronutrient from fat or carbohydrate.

To learn about the benefits of exercise, see the page link, further down this page. listed under Related Questions.
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How hot can your body get from exercising?

It is possible to exercise to the point of heat exhaustion. At that point you would collapse and stop. You'd probably stop at about 39 C. The accumulation of heat during exerc

What are the effects of no exercise on the body?

Lack of exercise can contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and dementia, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, and immune

What could happen to you and your body if you don't perform a proper cool down routine after exercising?

You may have sore, stiff muscles. Blood may not return to your heart, which may leave you feeling dizzy, sick to your stomach, or worn out. ---------------------------_@@@@@@@

What effects does exercise have on your body during exercise?

It makes you breathe faster and your heart beat faster. Because of  this, you get hotter, and sweat more. This means you consume more  water, or get dehydrated. Your muscles

What happens to the body during exercise and why?

Heart rate and stroke volume will both increase when you exercise  because the heart will have to beat faster in order to transport  more blood around the body, and every be

Why are aerobic exercises good for the body?

Regular aerobic activity - such as walking, bicycling or swimming - can help you live longer and healthier. The benefits of aerobic exercise are powerful, and aerobic exercise

What happens to your body when you exercise?

Breathing rate increases to ensure more air inside the lungs and so more oxygen Heart rate increases to ensure more blood is available to all working muscles and other tissue

What happens to your body if you do not exercise?

The body does not like to waste energy, it does not like to keep unnecessary things around. If a muscle is not used, there is no stimulation to build it, and the cellular tur

What does exercising do to your body?

Exercising can make you fit. it also makes you more flexible =P, and it is good for you but it also builds up your body and helps your immune system exercising is hard to mant

What is happening in your body when muscles burn or develop cramps during strenuous exercise?

There are minerals which our bodies need (especially during strenous exercise) called electrolytes - Sodium, Potassium and magnesium especially. These regulate functioning o

What happens if you do not exercise?

It affects you physically. It can also affect you psychologically (emotional & mentally.) Doing at least 30minutes of what ever type of exercise, a day as long as its exercis

What changes happen to your body when you exercise?

In response to exercise there is added muscular stress. More energy is consumed, and oxygen is depleted by an increase in aerobic metabolism. To replenish this oxygen, the hea

What happens inside of our body when we exercise?

You breath in oxygen and it circulates your body in the blood. Each cell gets individual help. Oxygen goes into the cell and carbon dioxide comes out. blood goes around your b
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What happens to your body when when you don't eat healthy or exercise?

  Answer   If you are eating junkish and are not exersizing, you will become overweight, and eventually, if you keep it up, obese. You will have heart problems, and you

What does exercise do to your body?

Exercise uses energy, but can build the strength and endurance of muscles. Many people use execise to reduce their body fat, but not all of the calories burned are fat: muscle