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What happens to our bodies when we exercise?

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Muscles contract to create movement and use up more energy than normal to do so. The body is burning calories of macronutrient from fat or carbohydrate.

To learn about the benefits of exercise, see the page link, further down this page. listed under Related Questions.
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What happens to the body during exercise?

well, while you are exercising your body gets week and wet because he uses all the water that's in side, that's why you get thersty and you need to drink water.

What happens to your body if you do not exercise?

The body does not like to waste energy, it does not like to keep unnecessary things around. If a muscle is not used, there is no stimulation to build it, and the cellular turn

What happens to your bodys when you exercise?

wbe continuous blood circulation that helps in growth of brain cells and make them active.it makes our body warm and fit by using each part of our body.so those muscles that w

What changes happen to your body when you exercise?

In response to exercise there is added muscular stress. More energy is consumed, and oxygen is depleted by an increase in aerobic metabolism. To replenish this oxygen, the hea

What happen to your body when you exercise?

The body uses up stores of energy to restore the energy in muscles spent during muscular contractions. Oxygen delivery is also increased as this is used during aerobic reactio

What happens inside of our body when we exercise?

You breath in oxygen and it circulates your body in the blood. Each cell gets individual help. Oxygen goes into the cell and carbon dioxide comes out. blood goes around your b

What changes happen to your body when exercising?

The body's natural temperature increases.. You sweat.. The heart rate increases.. Muscles ache.. We lose glucose.. The heart pumps more oxygen and blood around the body..

What happens to the body during exercise and why?

Heart rate and stroke volume will both increase when you exercisebecause the heart will have to beat faster in order to transportmore blood around the body, and every beat wil

What happens to your body when you exercise?

Breathing rate increases to ensure more air inside the lungs and so more oxygen . Heart rate increases to ensure more blood is available to all working muscles and other ti

What happens inside your body when exercising?

Your heart rate speeds up, respirations increase, and blood pressure goes up (slightly), as more volume of blood is pushed through the body. Lactic acid builds up in the muscl