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What happens when an auto is destroyed in a repair shop fire while it is being repaired from an auto accident that is someone else's fault?

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Usually garage keepers liability will cover the vehicle, but if not the other insurance company is still on the hook for at least the cost of the repair
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How do you choose an auto repair shop?

Here is the answer to this question, although it was askedpreviously. (My responses are in parenthesis as I am sure that thiswas copied from another site, as there is a lot of

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Answer . As an auto repair shop manager balancing warranty issues can be challenging. First and foremost has to be fairness. If a repair facility performs a repair you sho

What tools does an auto repair shop have?

The shop will usually provide the "bigger" or specialized tools. Anything to lift the vehicle, for example. Be it a rack, of some sort, to lift the car, (preffered) flor jacks

What is the time limit an auto repair shop has to repair your vehicle?

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What are the stories of an auto repair shop owner?

I am no auto shop owner but as to how I observe, to be an auto repair shop owner, you should be passionate about cars. It's not helpful that you're just knowledgeable about ca
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How can you find out if an auto repair shop is good?

The best way to find out if an auto repair shop is good is to ask people from the area. Word of mouth can make or break a business and if they do shoddy work or cheat people o
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Can someone recommend me a good auto repair shop in Canada?

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