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What happens when baking soda and iodine are mixed?

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I assume that the questioner means what happens when iodine and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3) are mixed in water.
Whether the components are mixed in water or not, no chemical reaction would take place. If added to water, both the iodine and baking soda would dissolve, and the water would become a dark, reddish-brown. Iodine usually acts as an oxidizing agent, but iodine does not oxidize baking soda because the carbon atom in baking soda already has a formal charge of +4, and oxygen is a more powerful oxidizer than iodine.
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Baking soda and iodine are mixed?

In my science lad the mixture turned red. I don't know if it is the white colour of the baking soda making the iodine lighter or if it were a chemical reaction.