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What happens when there is reflection in light waves?

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That means that the light waves rebound, and change direction.
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What is the difference between reflection and refraction in a light wave?

reflection is when light is bounced back(this can be done with a mirror)and refraction is the bending of light(like if you put a pencil in a glass of water it looks like it be

One difference between reflection and refraction of light waves is that?

reflection is when light its something like a mirror and refraction is light going through something solid that is not like a mirror when light falls on a surface and bounces

How are waves reflected?

When an object hits through which it can not pass it bounces back

What happens when light hits a reflective surface?

It reflects with the angle of incidence (angle between the original ray of light and the normal (90 degrees to the mirror surface)) being the same as the angle of reflection (

What happens when light reflects?

When light reflects, on an object it bounces off of the object and you can see the object much more clearly.

What happens when light beams reflect at the same angle?

regular reflection

What happens to light waves during reflection?

The angle of incidence of a light ray = the angle of reflection. Also, when light is incident on a medium of higher density than the current medium (e.g. a glass mirror in air
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What happens to a light wave as its frequency increases?

The light wave would carry more energy as the light's frequency increases. Not only that, you would see the light visually go from a deep red to a very bright violet-white. It