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What happens when there is reflection in light waves?

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That means that the light waves rebound, and change direction.
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What happens when sound waves get reflected?

Ummmmm, NO. Ignore that. This describes an Echo. Assuming a perfectly smooth surface, the reflected wave travels away from the reflector in accordance with the usual angl

When the wave is reflected what happens to speed?

Nothing. The speed of a reflected wave travels in the same media and is the same as the incident speed.

How is reflected light waves and reflected sound waves are alike?

They are alike because they are using the same type of affect in regards to the laws of reflection , the only slight difference is the speed of light travels at a little bit f

What happens to light waves during reflection?

The angle of incidence of a light ray = the angle of reflection. Also, when light is incident on a medium of higher density than the current medium (e.g. a glass mirror in air

What light waves does a blue object reflect?

The wavelengths are corresponded to the color of the light. A blue object will reflect any light radiation expect the color blue. It will absorb the blue light.

What is advantages of reflection of lights waves?

Light can be focused and directed by reflection, e.g by parabolic satellite dishes and fiber optic cable, both using reflection.

What is happening to a wave if it is being reflected?

when a wave is been reflected, the direction of the wave changes. The speed of a reflected wave depend on the material that caused the reflection, either it's an opaque, trans