What has more DNA banana or strawberry?

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A banana would.
In an experiment I completed just a few days ago. More than a whole gram of DNA was able to be extracted from the Banana compared to a strawberry
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How do you make a strawberry banana smoothie?

First, you will need strawberries and bananas, Second you cut themup, Third you put them in the blender and mix them up, And thenvwala you have your strawberry banana smoothie

Where is the DNA in a strawberry?

DNA is present in every single cell in the entire strawberry plant. Within each cell, like human cells, is a nucleus containing all the organisms DNA.

Does a banana have DNA?

Yes! Just like all living things, bananas have DNA. It is also possible to extract DNA from a banana. There are tons of online labs to do this.
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What has more DNA strawberry or a human cheek?

There would be more DNA in a strawberry because strawberries are octoploids, they have 8 copies of genes rather than 2 copies found in a cheek cells .