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Birds, ducks, bees, butterflies, fleas, flies, lizards, turtles, most snakes, praying mantis, sharks, penguins, roaches, spiders, ... these are the things my daughter and I came up with for her homework today. I had to look up the lizards, shark, and praying mantis. I found the best way to find out the answer to this question is to do a search on a particular animal or insect and look at the breeding section.
Depending on where you gotten the Egg or what female Pokemon you put in the Day-Care, the Egg can hatch into the same pre-evolution form of the mother.
every type of animal except Mammals. There are, however, exceptions. For instance, snakes that have live birth, and mammals that lay eggs (platypus).
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How do eggs hatch?

You have to put carry it with you and walk around a bit. to hatch eggs quickly i often take bike rides down massive downhill bike paths. In some cases by a broody hen, she sit

How do you get an egg to hatch?

Carry it around. I hatched a Riolu Well in Sonic Adventure 2 you can either wait or throw it against a wall.

How can you hatch an egg?

Depends on what game your playing, hold it, press A on it.

Will a egg laying hatch there eggs?

If you're asking "will an egg laying Pokemon hatch their eggs", then no. You have to get the eggs from who owns the Pokemon and you have to run around so it'll hatch.

Where can you get hatching eggs?

for chicks i would try a site called mypetchicken for ducks turkey and pheasents try metzer farms also try all the local farms, shipping is very expensive and can sometimes ha

What to do after the eggs hatch?

what you want to do after a egg hatches is put in a special incubator because they cannot make their own heat yet. make sure you feed them immediately after they hatch do not
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When will a egg hatch?

A egg hatches when a Bird , penguin , and other small animals lay there eggs and it just depends if the egg likes the weather or somthing like that and it just starts to crack
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What is hatching an egg?

It takes 21 days on average for an egg to hatch once incubation begins. Before placing the eggs inside, turn on the heat source and measure the temperature and humidity over a