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Birds, ducks, bees, butterflies, fleas, flies, lizards, turtles, most snakes, praying mantis, sharks, penguins, roaches, spiders, ... these are the things my daughter and I came up with for her homework today. I had to look up the lizards, shark, and praying mantis. I found the best way to find out the answer to this question is to do a search on a particular animal or insect and look at the breeding section.
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How long for a chicken egg to hatch?

It takes 21 days to hatch an egg, but it has to be turned for the first 18 days, twice a day (one turn in the morning, and one at night). Some chickens have hatched at 21-24 d

What to do after the eggs hatch?

what you want to do after a egg hatches is put in a special incubator because they cannot make their own heat yet. make sure you feed them immediately after they hatch do not

How do you hatch a Zamatrice egg in Runescape?

Zamatrice eggs you can not hatch they are the secondary ingredient in a spirit zamatrice pouch if you want a zamorak hawk you need a birds nest A Bird's egg can be obtaine

Example of animals hatched from egg?

Example:  -bird   -ant   -fishes   -butterfly   -frog   -mosquito   -cockroach   -chicken   -firefly   -houseflies   -ladybird   -

How long for duck eggs to hatch?

"It takes 28 days just like any other kind of egg or just like chicken eggs." Duck eggs are not like chicken eggs. Chicken eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch. Duck eg

How do you hatch a praying mantis egg?

  This takes no skill. Just let nature take its course. Just place or tie it to something above ground in a shady place. I once had an egg case that I forgot to put outsid

How do you hatch an egg in Pokemon FireRed?

Well to hatch an egg you need to travel around with it until it hatches, but there are faster ways to hatch one. You can battle trainers witch makes the egg hatch faster. I re

Do hamsters hatch from eggs?

Hamsters are mammals and (normally healthy) baby hamsters are born alive, just like humans and other mammals.
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Do amphibians hatch eggs?

Amphibian eggs don't have a hard protective shell like birds or reptiles, they just lay their eggs in jelly-like masses.