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What health insurance in California is the best?

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Bankers life and casualty. Little know but amazing for annuities too.
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What is the best health insurance in Florida?

  UnitedHealthcare is the most comprehensive coverage I have found in Florida. A lot of other companies have "holes" in the policy or doctors will not accept it.   Mich

Which is the Best health Insurance in India?

An Opinion: I would suggest to go with Max Bupa. Max Bupa Heartbeat plan is one of the best in terms of Health Insurance. Max Bupa provides complete medical coverage to you a

Cost of health insurance in California?

Health insurance in california is priced based on many factors  including age, geography, and current health status. Plans can  include coverage for hospital only (Cheapest)

What is the best health insurance in California?

You can't really say "Best"' health insurance as all insurance  policies have their strengths and advantages. If you want a policy  that has very little costs when you use c

In an auto accident in California do you bill your auto insurance as the primary insurance or your health insurance?

If you have both medical insurance and auto insurance, the primary company billed will depend on the situation. If your injuries and medical costs were caused by an auto accid

What are the best health insurance rates?

This is an extremely broad question, in part due to the many factors that determine rates, the fact that rates are regulated by the insdvidual states, and due to the wide vari

What health insurance company is best for a child?

It is difficult to point out the best health insurance company to cover children or young adults because individual circumstances vary, and there are too many variables involv

What is the best health insurance company to get health insurance?

Everyone has their own opinion on what company is the best based on their personal experience. I work in insurance for a group of doctors and my best experiences have been wit

What is the best international health insurance policy?

International health policies are very important for the international traveler or ex pat working in a foreign country. Cigna, United Healthcare, and Aetna all offer competiti

What are the best online health insurances?

"One of the best places to look for online health insurance is Ehealth Insurance. Ehealth promises its customers that Ehealth will be their advocate, will have the best prices